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6 Tips for Styling Your Bookcase


The beloved bookcase has been the pride and joy of booklovers across the globe for decades. More recently they have become a popular design trend, regardless of whether or not you are a bookworm with a huge collection of books. If you are wondering how to create your own Instagram worthy bookcase, take a look at our 6 styling tips to make sure you get yours just right.

1. Always start with the biggest items

You don’t need lots of books to style your bookcase. A mixture of objects is the go-to for bookcase design in modern times, with books being only one of the items featured on the shelves. The most important thing to remember is to add your largest items first. This might be big, heavy books or it could be something like a large statement vase. Whatever it might be, ensure that the largest items go on the bookcase first. These require the most space and will probably be the first items that people notice. Smaller items can then be placed around them to support the overall visual.

2. Take care with the placement of books

Never just dump all of your books on the shelves. Take the time to consider the placement of each book to ensure you achieve your desired look. You may choose to group similar sized books or categorise them according to colour. The colour palette of your room will impact your choices here as you may choose to only display books of a particular colour. Make sure to mix up the actual positioning of your books – stand some to the left, others to the right and lay some down.

3. Use decorative items to create a specific look

The best bookcases display more than just books. Carefully select some key decorative pieces to complement the books on your case. Firstly, consider the theme and colour palette of your room. You want your bookcase to make a statement while also aligning with the overall aesthetic of the space. Next, take the time to select pieces that will work with your bookcase and your selected books. A collection of items with similar colour tones will help to create a chic, elegant look while contrasting, colourful pieces can be used to create a bold visual.

4. Stack an item on your books

Get playful with your bookshelf and try things in different positions. If you’re serious about creating a bookcase worthy of display on social media, add an item to the top of a book stack. This is a simple action, but an extremely effective one. Make sure you consider the colour of the books and decorative item to ensure they work well together.

5. Plants are always a good idea

There’s no better way to give a bookcase the ‘wow’ factor than to add some greenery. The options are endless when it comes to indoor plants so it’s really up to you to find something you like. Have fun with the pots, choosing ones that match your chosen colour palette. A hanging plant is one way to really make a statement.

6. Avoid cluttering

Take a look at your favourite bookcases on Instagram and you will notice that most of them have the same thing in common – they’re not cluttered. Keep things simple by choosing a few statement pieces, rather than trying to squish as many items as you can on to the shelves.

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