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7 Best Wardrobe Accessory Ideas

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Everyone wants a nicer neater closet, and more than anything to maximize storage space within it. But did you know that getting the right wardrobe accessories can significantly help you achieve these goals? These special add-ons will help you organize your items so that they are all clearly viewable and accessible.


We offer plenty of wardrobe accessories here at Betta Wardrobes to help you realize your dream closet space. Here are our top picks:

1: Pull Out Clothes Rack

Our retractable pull out clothes rack offers the best of both worlds. You can make the most of your closet space with the rack tucked away, yet have easy access to the clothing items when it is pulled out. It ingeniously allows you to temporarily make use of the air space in front of the closet. After effortlessly finding your item, it then disappears into the depths of the wardrobe.

2: Pull Out Pants Rack

Ever bend under awkwardly placed closet structures to reach your pants selection? You shouldn’t have to do this just to find your pants in the morning! Just as with the clothes rack, simply slide it out for easy retrieval. A pants rack is also helpful for avoiding acquiring wrinkles in your pants.

3: Tie Rack

Keep your tie collection in order with this add-on. When you pull it out you’ll be able to pick one with ease. By hanging the ties up instead of folding, rolling, or stuffing them away, you also ensure they won’t get wrinkly.

4: Belt Rack

Just like the tie rack, hanging long belts vertically allows you to store them without taking up too much room. You’ll also be able to choose one at a glance and retrieve it with convenience. Plus it will prevent the belts from losing their form.

5: Shelving and Drawers

By installing extra shelves in the wardrobe you ensure that you can organize all of your things into categories- especially the smaller items and knick-knacks. Drawers can serve a similar purpose, but the items placed inside are more hidden from view. This can create a clean streamlined look.

6: Built-in Hamper

Keep laundry out of sight. Simply remove the hamper when doing laundry and place it back in when finished for the next cycle.

7: Jewellery Drawer with Dividers

It’s fun. And you won’t have to suffer from the tangled mess that comes of lumping all your jewellery together in a box or jar. Instead, each piece or grouping of pieces gets its own special place. You’ll be able to easily see and choose ones to compliment your current outfit. You’ll know that your treasured pieces are safe within a drawer lining.

Wardrobe accessories offer clever ways to optimize space and put a storage system in place. By reading this article and considering which add-ons you would like you’re already on your way to halting chaos.

Betta Wardrobes has all of these accessories available to you and can help you integrate them with your wardrobe. Don’t forget these must-have items when installing your wardrobes in Wollongong or Sydney. Please ask our staff for assistance by calling 1300-662-966.

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