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How to Maximize Your Walk-In Wardrobe

Built in Wardrobes

Walk-in wardrobes have become highly essential furniture for modern homes, with most new houses including one or more of these wardrobes in their design. Besides their superior convenience and utilisation benefits, built-in wardrobes are regularly mentioned features when a home is being sold. That is because these wardrobes also offer a sense of remarkable value.

All these benefits of fitted walk-in wardrobes are understandable, especially given the outstanding efficiency that they provide when compared to conventional reach-in closets. Below are practical tips to show you how to maximize your walk-in wardrobes.

Customize your Wardrobe Design

Regardless of your current built-in wardrobe design, you can easily customize the racks, compartments, and shelves to match your lifestyle. For instance, rather than going with vertical wall shoe racks, you can display your shoe collection on horizontal shelves. That way, you add a stylish boutique look to your bedroom. If you are looking to upgrade your existing wardrobe, at Betta we can create the wardrobe of your dreams!

Don’t Forget the Corners

In most homes, corners are regarded as dead space. However, in fitted walk-in wardrobes, the corners can be innovatively used for freeing up space to put additional compartments and shelves. If designed well, the corners in your fitted wardrobes can appear visually attractive and seamless, while creating more usable storage space.

Light it Up

Lighting up built-in wardrobes has several benefits. First, light tends to make space appear a lot bigger than its actual size. Also, when the closet is well lit up, it will be easier to find things. Use mirrors withLED lights to lighten the space and making it more welcoming and aesthetically pleasing.

Make your Accessories Easily Accessible

If you think that only shoes cause wardrobe chaos, imagine having a bunch of tangled ties and belts or scarves Thus, you should create an organized area by finding permanent and convenient storage for your various accessories, including bags, ties, jewellery, and belts. Including a custom jewellery tray within the top drawer with a glass, lid is perfect to keep your valuables safe and at the safe time you can see your choices for the day. It is also great for watches. You can get customized trays, so all your accessories fit in perfectly.

Minor Changes Can Have a Huge Impact

Making a few small changes will likely make a massive impact on your available storage space. Adding some stackable plastic bins can giving you an affordable organizational system. You can store seasonal clothing and shoes in those bins, which keeps things near at hand.

With these useful ideas shown above, your walk-in wardrobe should become more resourceful. Consider hanging some dΓ©cor pieces, like art, to make the space look inviting.

Having an organised wardrobe can make a massive difference, when the space in your bedroom is clean and clear from clutter it can, for many help you sleep better and when you can see your clothes more clearly, getting dressed can become easier too.

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