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Organise Your Child’s Wardrobe With These 10 Easy Steps

Organise Your Childs Wardrobe With These 10 Easy Steps

Every parent’s dream is to have a clutter-free, always-in-order wardrobe in their kid’s room. But unfortunately, children are generally messy, and having a well-arranged room today will save you a hassle in the future.

The clutter in kids’ wardrobes makes it challenging to start the day, especially during hectic school mornings. In addition, finding necessary items in the chaos can frustrate both the parent and the child.

To ease your mind and save time getting everyone ready, spare a few hours every once in a while to organise your kid’s wardrobe. The tips below will encourage you to get your kid’s wardrobe in shape quickly and efficiently.

Steps to Organising Your Kid’s Wardrobe

Consider the wardrobe design

We install wardrobes depending on the client’s style and the available space. Therefore, the wardrobe design and the open storage space will determine how much you can fit in. There are various types of wardrobes to consider installing in your kids’ rooms.

Sliding door wardrobes are excellent for children. Besides saving space, they are easy to open and close. Clothes will, however, tend to slip out when the doors are slid open. Therefore, installing several storage drawers at the bottom and a rail at the top to hang clothes is best.

Mirror wardrobes make rooms feel larger. Additionally, children love looking at their reflections while choosing outfits. Finally, organising a mirror cabinet is pretty simple, as long as you incorporate space-saving storage ideas.

Hinged wardrobes are perfect for large rooms and are the easiest to arrange in a child’s room. You get a full view of the space when you swing the doors open for an effortless organisation. In addition, you can use the inside of the doors by installing hooks to hang items like belts, scarves, and ties.

Custom wardrobes enable you to create the type of storage space you need. When installing custom-made cabinets for kids, pick one that will be simple to organise in sections. Each section should be accessible for the child with minimal disruption to the others.

Clean out the wardrobe

The first step to organising your kid’s wardrobe is taking everything out. It will give you a clear view of the number of items available. After that, keep everything aside to get a good idea of the space.

Finally, make a mental or actual note of where everything necessary will go. Ensure you remove all things that should not be in the closet, such as books or other kids’ accessories.

Sort out all the items

Once everything is out of the wardrobe, begin sorting them out in separate piles. It is simpler if you label several boxes and start grouping the items. Use the below order:

  • Every day wear: These are the clothes they wear every day. Separate current season wear from other seasonal items.
  • Oversize: These clothes are currently too big to fit the child. They should go to the back of the wardrobe until they can fit comfortably.
  • School uniform: Separate school uniform from the other clothes for easy access.
  • Donation pile: Small clothes or items the children do not need anymore go to this pile. If you have smaller kids, move the items to their wardrobe. Alternatively, pack them in a box to donate to your community centre or a needy family.
  • Discard pile: These are torn clothes, shoes, and damaged beyond repair toys. Put them in a garbage bag to dispose of later.

If your child is in the room with you, talk to them about letting go of items. For example, they may want to hold on to a favourite toy or clothing they no longer need. Calmly explain why donating is essential and the benefits of decluttering their room.

Arrange within the child’s level

Ensure all shelves, hanging bars, and drawers are within the child’s height. It will make it simple for them to pick out their clothes and put them back. Once the child is taller, the shelves can be adjusted again.

Store similar items together

Fold similar items together. Trousers, shorts, and skirts should be on one shelf, then T-shirts and blouses on another. Use adjustable hangers to hang jackets, shirts, and dresses so your kids grow with them.

Use stickers/markings where necessary

Make stickers on the shelves to mark the items, enabling your child to familiarise themselves with the arrangement.

Prioritise everyday clothing

Pyjamas and everyday wear such as school uniform should be easiest to reach. Arrange them on the first shelves or drawers as kids will need them regularly.

Use containers/bins

Organise school supplies, toys, and small items like socks and underwear in well labelled open containers. Also, teach the kids to put away their things into the respective containers themselves. If there are items for storage, use containers with lids and place them on the top shelves for future use.

Organise shoes

Kids are always misplacing one shoe, and finding a pair together is almost always impossible. Keep them together by having a separate area for shoes in their room. Purchase shoe storage boxes that are stackable or install open shoe shelves. Store away sports gear and rainy season boots.

Maintain the wardrobe arrangement

Once you arrange the wardrobe, a few simple rules can help you maintain the order. First, have a laundry hamper in the room for dirty clothes. Insist on having all clothes put in the basket and not thrown on the floor.

Besides keeping their rooms neat, you will teach your kids how to be responsible once they reach adulthood. Secondly, remind your kids to remove all clothes that no longer fit every few months. Thirdly, go through their closets to ensure they remember wearing the oversized clothes that now fit them. Lastly, go back every few weeks to rearrange the wardrobe, so it remains organised.


Hopefully, the above tips will help you clean up the mess that has been in your kid’s room. These simple yet smart ideas will help you arrange clothes in custom, mirror, hinged, or sliding door wardrobes. If you are looking to upgrade the wardrobe design in your kids’ bedroom, contact Betta wardrobes for a free quotation.

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