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Should I Hang or Fold My Clothes to Save Space in My Wardrobe?

Hang or Fold My Clothes to Save Space in My Wardrobe

Many people struggle with organising their clothes. Keeping your wardrobe in order is vital to save time and keep your bedroom presentable. But when it comes to putting your clothes away, is it better to hang certain garments and fold others? What is the most practical way to store underwear and accessories? And most importantly, what is the best way to save space in your wardrobe?

The type of clothing decides if it’s suitable for hanging or folding. Other determinants are the garment’s design and fabric. For this reason, your wardrobe must-have shelves and hangers.

After reading this article, you’ll know what to hang, what to fold, and other custom wardrobe organisation tips.


It is best to hang materials prone to wrinkling like lace, satin, and silk. In addition, starched materials like cotton shirts are most suitable to be placed on hangers.

Fold materials that are likely to stretch, like jersey knit, cotton shirting, and lycra. Also, don’t forget to fold your knitwear.


Clothes that are so heavy that they can bend your hanger should be folded. Likewise, garments with adornments like beading and other embellishments tend to sag and distort, leading to unravelling. For this reason, it’s best to hang them.

Delicate items like wedding dresses and designer suits need careful handling. Experts recommend storing them in acid-free plastic garment bags to keep them in shape.

Closet Configuration

The space in your closet determines whether it’s best to hang or fold clothes. For example, hangers take up more room, making them impractical for small hinged wardrobes. If you have limited space, prioritise frequently worn outfits and the most treasured garments.

What to Hang

Here are the clothes you should hang:


Most dresses need hanging, whether it’s the casual outfit made using lightweight fabric or formal dresses made from flowy materials. Both wrinkle easily and deserve hanging.

Jackets and Suits

Jackets are heavy and bulky, making them unsuitable for folding. If you fold, you risk wrinkling or damaging the item, especially if it’s a winter coat.

Suits must look sharp and feel comfortable. Therefore, you can’t fold them. This also applies to jackets, pants or skirts.

Buttoned Blouses and Shirts

Buttoned tops are commonly worn as outfits that make you look presentable and professional at work or formal events. If you don’t have time for ironing every day before going to the office, hang them. This prevents creasing and wrinkling.

What to Fold

Here’s what to fold:

Polo Shirts

Polo shirts are a great alternative to buttoned shirts and suits. However, it’s best to fold these formal outfits because they’re made of thick fabric. Hanging stretches the shirt, which affects the shape.


Sweaters need folding because of their heaviness. Folding ensures sweaters don’t stretch and will save your wardrobe’s space.

Shorts and Sportswear

Many people wear shorts and sportswear at home as well as at the gym or for sporting activities. Likely, you don’t mind if they are a bit creased, so folding them is best.

Items You Can Hang or Fold

You can hang or fold the following depending on their materials and quality:

  • Jeans
  • Scarves
  • Casual t-shirts

Wrapping Up

A disorganised wardrobe dampens your mood and makes it difficult to find clothes. Even worse, keeping your clothes jumbled takes up space in your wardrobe, forcing you to tuck some outfits in inappropriate areas, such as under the bed. To avoid such a mess, it’s best to hang or fold your garments. 

Proper organisation helps you find clothes faster and keeps them looking new longer. It’s best to hang formal clothes and lightweight fabric while heavy clothing and casual apparel need folding.

Ultimately, folding clothes saves more space than hanging. However, it’s not appropriate for all clothing types. For instance, you would ruin your trench coats if you fold them. 

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