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Tech-Infused Wardrobe Accessories: Enhancing Your Daily Routine and Inviting Space

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In today’s world, technology has become more and more involved in our everyday lives. It is something that helps us streamline our day-to-day life. With all of life’s juggles and daily issues that life comes with setting up your wardrobe with the help of tech, it is just one way to enhance your daily routine and create a space that you actually enjoy spending time in. 

Getting dressed and ready for our day takes a large portion of time, so creating a tech-infused wardrobe is a great way to utilise technology. Today, we’re diving deep into all of the tech-infused wardrobe accessories that are here to help enhance your daily routine and create a space that you’ll love. 

Why bother investing in tech-infused wardrobe accessories? 

Is it really worth investing in a tech-infused wardrobe? When you think about how much time you actually spend getting dressed, picking out what to wear and trying to find clothing, it adds up to be more than what you might think. Investing in a tech-infused wardrobe doesn’t have to be expensive. There’s plenty that you can do on a budget. 

Tech-infused wardrobe accessories 

We spend so much time each day in our closets getting ready, so why not use tech to make our lives that much easier? Tech-infused wardrobes are all the rage, and we can see why. To help with the daily duty of getting dressed morning and night, we’ve listed below a few of our favourite tech additions. 

Sensor lights 

 Lighting is a major contributing factor in wardrobe design. Sensor lights in closets are a brilliant innovation that brings both convenience and efficiency to our daily routines. Depending on the layout of your closet, we’ll depend on where you can include sensor lights. However, some of our favourite positions are to add in sensor lights inside a closet so that as soon as the door is opened, the light comes on and around where your skirting boards would usually sit. Not only are they efficient with the energy they use, but they also eliminate the fumbling around in the dark to find the right accessory. 


Speakers are a great addition to any wardrobe. If you’ve ever been getting ready to go on a night out, you’ll know putting on a playlist instantly brightens the mood. Adding speakers to your wardrobe is a great tech addition. 

Mirror with lighting 

As we mentioned above, lighting is a huge factor in wardrobes. Lighting is essential, no matter if you’re going for aesthetics or practical purposes. When we can see everything clearly and well-lit, it makes getting dressed that much easier. Mirrors with adjustable lighting or smart mirrors are a great tech addition. There is a wide range available in all different shapes and sizes and in almost every budget category. 

Get inspired with a Pinterest board 

While we know that Pinterest isn’t technically a closet addition, it’s a tool that you can use to enhance your everyday life. Filled with millions of outfit inspiration images, Pinterest is where you go to get inspired. No matter your style or occasion, getting inspired on Pinterest is a great way to re-energise your fashion sense and wardrobe. 

Steam closest 

Steam closets are becoming increasingly popular in households. Potentially the most innovative out of all our suggestions, steam closets offer a practical solution to steaming your clothes while they are hanging. This takes away the need for dry cleaning and is incredibly convenient. They make the perfect addition to any modern home. 

Other ways that you can enhance your daily routine with an inviting wardrobe space 

If you’re not so interested in tech but are still looking for other ways to enhance your daily routine through your wardrobe, we have plenty of ideas that we’ve listed below.

Create an ‘outfit hook’ 

One of life’s daily dilemmas is what I wear. Being in the wardrobe business, this is something that we hear people talk about all the time. What you wear has an effect not only on your outward performance but on how you feel on the inside as well. Dressing well and having a wardrobe that can help with this is key. A great simple solution to this is to create an outfit hook. This is where you organise your outfit the night before and hang everything up on a dedicated hook. Simple yet so effective. 

Get organised 

 To create a wardrobe that you truly love, it has to be organised. Organisation plays a huge part in maintaining a wardrobe haven. When you understand where everything is, and everything has a place, you can go into getting ready much more calmly and confidently. 

Go fully custom 

As we mentioned above, we spend so much time in our wardrobes getting dressed and trying to find what to wear. If your wardrobe isn’t working for you, then chat with us about going fully custom. When you work with us to create a fully custom wardrobe, we listen to all of your concerns and wants. Our team is able to work with you and create something that you’ll love for years and years to come

Final Thoughts 

 Our wardrobes and getting dressed are part of our daily life. This is something that will never change, so why not take advantage of the technology available and add a few tech features to make this part of your day that much better? If you’re interested in creating a fully custom wardrobe or looking for a few more storage solutions that will help you when you get ready in the morning, then get in touch with our team. Our team here at Betta Wardrobes have been in the industry for around 50 years and have extensive experience in wardrobes, shower screens, and so much more. However, in the meantime, if you’re looking for some wardrobe inspiration, follow us on social media and read through our blogs for all of the latest information.

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