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The 6 Best Ways to Optimise Your Home Office Space

Best ways to optimise home office space

Since many of us spend most of our working hours seated at a desk, having the space functional yet stylish will save time and enhance your productivity. Your workspace should be stylishly creative and practical while providing a peaceful environment to focus on what needs to get done.

If you are looking to update your work space, simply adding unique accessories is a quick way to change things up. Here are some ways to optimise your workspace to make it fun and functional.

Ways to optimise your workspace

1. Proper use of lighting

Natural light is the best, especially for workspaces. It elevates mood and creates a conducive work environment by reducing eye strain.

If your office area has large windows, open the blinds to let in as much light as possible. Additionally, ensure your desk receives sufficient light by placing it near the window.

However, you can accessorise with a table or desk lamp if you do not have sufficient natural lighting. Modern desk lamps with soft lighting help illuminate your workstation; the soft glow is ideal as overhead lighting can be harsh to your eyes, especially with long-term use.

2. Arrangement of the workspace

A clean and well-organised desk is at the forefront of a functional and productive workspace. Organise your extra office stationery and documents by installing an in-built office cabinet and having a systematic filing system. Additionally, bookcases and wall units are necessary additions, especially in home offices that double as a library.

Bring in desk organisers for your drawers and stylish pen holders for a clutter-free desktop. Once you have a clean desk set up, finding items such as pencils, pens, and sticky notes in the middle of a tight schedule is quicker. In addition, modern drawer organisers and extra office cabinets help you arrange essential documents that would otherwise end up in the junk pile.

3. Preparation and planning

Proper planning before you begin your work week is crucial. Note down any meetings you need to schedule and deadlines that need to be met, and plan for vacation time. Having proper planning tools handy is essential to an organised workspace.

Physical and virtual planners, calendars, and notepads are available to help you prepare your to-do list ahead of time. These accessories are simple, cost-effective, yet practical assistants for day-to-day activities.

4. Adequate supplies

Office supplies are what keep an office operating efficiently. For example, pens, staplers, files, and document holders are everyday use items you might not be able to do without in the office. Simple yet functional office supplies and stationery are readily available, but you can add some personality to them.

Aesthetically appealing options can warm up an otherwise dull morning at the office. Consider purchasing sticky notes with labels, fancy pens with glitter and bright colours, or file folders that have decorations to match your colourful office decor.

5. Workspace-friendly decor

A dull office or workspace is a bore to work in every day. That bland wall may increase work anxiety and stress levels. However, adding a personal touch and friendly decor can change your perception of working from home. As a result, you will transform the room to represent your ideas of a cosy and motivating workspace.

Some decor ideas that completely transform a room include indoor plants, live animals such as fish aquariums, or new wall colours. Settle for a colour palette that gets your creativity going and gives the room a sense of relaxation. Having indoor plants and flowers also brings numerous health benefits besides giving life to a room. Additionally, you can invest in wall hangings or visually appealing paintings.

6. User Comfort

Since most people spend several hours seated behind a desk, the workspace must be comfortable. In addition, you will focus more on your work and be more productive when your back isn’t aching or your neck stiff from poor posture.

Add throw pillows to your office couch to keep you comfortable for the occasional relaxed work break. Additionally, bring colourful and soft blankets to cover up and add warmth during cold weather.

Office furniture is a vital part of how comfortable your workspace can be. Invest in high-quality and functional furniture suitable for long hours of seating. Also, consider purchasing a footrest if your feet tend to swell from seating for extended periods – it will support your feet and back while you work.

Benefits of an organised workspace

Besides enhancing productivity and functionality, a well-organised workspace has several benefits.

  • It portrays professionalism. Visitors to your office and clients will gain confidence in your problem-solving ability if your office is in order.
  • It shifts the focus to your personal and business goals. Instead of constantly worrying about the dysfunction in your office, you will now focus on achieving your long-term goals.
  • It improves your memory. Remembering essential duties and prioritising them is easier when your workspace is decluttered. As a result, you can easily focus on one task at a time.
  • An organised workspace can help prevent illnesses associated with high-stress levels and even dirt. Since clutter can make it difficult to clean your work area suitably, it allows for the accumulation of dust and dirt. In addition, bacteria, flu, and cold viruses linger longer in dirty environments. Therefore, keeping your desk and office space clean will ensure you remain disease free at work.
  • It saves time. We spend a lot of time trying to work around a messy desk. If you maintain order in your everyday workspace, you will start and end your workday on time.


Your perfect work environment does not have to be dull and disorderly. Practical and stylish accessories will brighten up your workspace, thus improving your concentration and productivity. If you want to upgrade your workspace at home or work, speak to our team at Betta Wardrobes today for a free quote.

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