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The Beauty of a Mirror Wardrobe

Mirror Wardrobe

Mirror wardrobes are popular and trendy for a reason. They are statement pieces for your bedroom and have a significant effect on the look of the rest of the furniture. The overall outcome of their sparkling presence ranges from modern and sophisticated, to classic and tasteful. What is more, they match any kind of interior decor. This type of wardrobe is sure to become the new focal point of your enhanced bedroom. Mirror wardrobes provide you with endless benefits, below we have names just a few of them.


Perhaps the most obvious benefit of mirror wardrobes is their way of enlarging the space. The room will visually look double its actual size. In small or cramped rooms, this bonus space is crucial. However, even in normal-sized or large rooms, the mirror wardrobes will add dimension and a desirable sense of open airiness. Additionally, you can store many items within the wardrobe to hide them so that the room avoids feeling cramped.


Mirrors naturally reflect light and multiply it as well. Having mirror wardrobes will make the most use of the room’s natural lighting, especially when strategically positioned in the room the right way. This asset is extremely favourable if there are only small windows in the bedroom. Even if they only let in a small amount of light, it will go a long way. In any bedroom, such extra dispersion of light creates a pleasant breezy feeling for the coziest room of your house.


Mirror wardrobes make the best use of the space you have to work with in your bedroom. The vast stretch of wall already taken up by the wardrobe can double feature with the added mirrors. This is especially helpful when it comes to those rooms which have limited wall space. All bedrooms should have mirrors, especially near the closet spaces utilized for storing clothing. It makes all too much sense that when pulling out items and choosing what to wear, you should stand next to a full-length mirror. On the flip side, the use of the mirror actually hides the wardrobe, so that it integrates more seamlessly with the rest of your bedroom.


Get the best of both worlds with some frames on your mirror wardrobe. You will reap all the aforementioned benefits of the mirror effect, while gaining an extra stylistic touch to your decor. Framing on a mirror wardrobe will create a visually artistic effect on your bedroom and add elegance to its design. White frames make for a particularly clean and fresh feel, while black frames around the mirroring will produce a sleek and cunning look. Opt for wooden frames for a cozy or country style, or alternatively, go for a modern take with grey or textured framing. If you are really adventurous you could even choose a pop of colour, like a purple, red, or green, to match or complement the other furniture in the room. Additionally, you may consider an overlay of a geometric design covering the mirror for a dramatic outcome.

Choosing a mirror wardrobe is practical, stylish, and adds class and beauty to your room. Betta wardrobes in locations throughout Sydney and Wollongong offers customised mirror wardrobes in different styles to suit every unique taste, as hinged or sliding wardrobes, with frames or without. Why wait to beautify your room?

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