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The Top 4 Wardrobe Organisational Tips From The Experts

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A wardrobe can enhance or ruin your bedroom, but the outcome depends on your efforts. A well-organised wardrobe makes the room elegant, spacious, and appealing to the eye. There are several types of wardrobes design, but the way you organise them can determine the neatness of your home.

Wardrobe organisation saves you time, money and enhances your mental health. When you open your wardrobe and instantly find what you are looking forward to wearing, you feel good and pass on the good vibes to anyone at work or school. However, a disorganised wardrobe makes finding an outfit difficult and can play with your emotions for much of the day.

Types of wardrobes

When choosing a wardrobe for your home, you can pick any of the following types:

At Betta Wardrobes, we design built-in, sliding, hinged, and mirror wardrobes to suit your needs.

Wardrobe organisational tips from the experts

Professional wardrobe organisers have let us in on their best wardrobe organisational tips for a spacious and neat wardrobe. They include:

  • Decluttering the wardrobe regularly
  • Grouping your outfits
  • Knowing what to hang or fold
  • Choosing suitable hangers


Your wardrobe should only store clothes that you wear regularly. Emotional attachment to your outfits may become a challenge to the neatness of your wardrobe when you stock clothes you no longer wear. These outfits crowd your wardrobe and may contain additional items that don’t even fit.

Declutter your wardrobe once in a while to create adequate space for new clothes and make it easier for you to organise them.

Grouping outfits

A neat and well-organised wardrobe should be easy to skim through when choosing your attire for the day. Categorise your garments according to colour, garment type, and occasion. For example, your daily outfits such as pants, shirts, and blouses should go to one side of the wardrobe in their corresponding colours.

You can also choose to group your clothes according to the occasion. For instance, you can put beachwear in one corner and your gym attire in another area.

Lastly, arrange your garments according to their category. For example, put your socks in one cabinet, and place your underwear in a different cabinet. This presents an easy-to-sort arrangement that saves you time and maintains your sanity.

Hang some, fold some, and know the difference

Not everything should be placed on the hanger. Similarly, folding some outfits may ruin their shape or make them creasy. As a rule of thumb, hang items such as dresses, jackets, skirts, pants, and shirts.

Woollen sweaters, jumpers, hoodies, and t-shirts are best stored in a folded position. Hanging such items will shorten their lifespan by expanding them and making them shapeless fast.

Choose suitable hangers

There are different types of hangers, with varying strengths and suitability to your wardrobe types. Huggable hangers are suitable if you are short on space. They also hold any garment type in place due to their slip-resistant velvety look.

To maintain the shape of suits, choose suitable hangers. These may be wired or wooden, depending on your preference.

Final thoughts

Well-organised wardrobes make your room neat and spacious. They also save you time when getting ready for work or school. Some expert tips to streamline your wardrobe include getting rid of clothes you no longer need, grouping your outfits, knowing what to fold or hang, and choosing the correct hanger.

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