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Why Choose Sliding Wardrobes?

Sliding Wardrobe

Sliding door wardrobes have become the preferred trend in modern homes. Not only are they trendy, but they can fit into most room designs. Below are some reasons why choosing a sliding wardrobe is a great idea.


Sliding doors wardrobe are versatile, you can use them in virtually any space, and they blend in easily with the bedroom walls and the style of your room. You can match them to the decorations in your bedroom for any style, whether contemporary, oriental or traditional.

You can also customise the finishings using different materials like decorative or frosted mirrors, beautiful wood grains of your choice, coloured or lacquered glass. Besides the different finishes, the doors also come in many different colours to suit your taste.

With their beautiful finishes, sliding doors can give your bedroom a classical appearance, making them the room’s eye-catching focal point.


Sliding doors don’t open out into the bedroom like standard pull-out doors. So you need less space between the wardrobe and other furniture or fittings in the room. Without doors in your way, you have more space to stand and manoeuvre as you please while dressing up or just messing around.

You don’t have to worry about the risk of bumping into any protruding doors; even the kids can play about without any worries. The sliding doors are the best choice for confined spaces.

Sliding wardrobe doors are made of smooth panels which slide seamlessly on hidden tracks. This way, the doors don’t carry their weight only on the hinged edge and won’t be too heavy for the hinges.


Sliding wardrobe designs enable a broader opening from a single door width. This means you can gain deeper access to your wardrobe without the need to first open and shut several doors to reach items.

The doors make it much easier to organise your sliding door wardrobe and keep it neat at all times.


Sliding wardrobe doors are fixed onto strong, hard-wearing aluminium frames. The fact that their weight is not carried on one side enhances their robustness.

The door won’t exert too much pressure on the hinges since there’s no chance that you’ll hang clothes over them or that kids will use the doors as swings, giving them a longer life span. 

Mirror Finish

Sliding wardrobe doors can be made with a mirror finish which creates an illusion of a bigger room. Mirrors can make your small bedroom look and feel more spacious. Mirrors also help make your room a brighter and cosy space by reflecting the natural light from your windows into the room.

The mirror finish can also add more functions to your sliding door. You can use it as a dressing mirror or to motivate yourself while you work out. 

Wrap Up

Why not contact Betta Wardrobes for that stylish new look you have been longing for? Don’t miss out on the latest trend in sliding door wardrobes. Whether you are renovating or working on a new project, Betta Wardrobes is sure to deliver to your specifications.

With over 40 years of wardrobe screen experience, you can be assured of the highest quality. Need help picking the perfect design for your bedroom? Get in touch today.

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