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Entertainment Units & TV Cabinets

Our custom-built entertainment units and TV cabinets are provide a practical and stylish storage solution and are designed specifically to suit your needs.

Entertainment Units & TV Cabinets

Entertainment Units & TV Cabinets

Our custom-built entertainment units and TV cabinets are provide a practical and stylish storage solution and are designed specifically to suit your needs

Made from high quality materials, each cabinet is custom-built to suit your budget and decor.

Our TV entertainment units include a variety of different styles, colours and finishes. From glass, timber veneers and laminates, to satin or undercoated paint finishes to suit your interiors. Flexibility is designed into your cabinets to accommodate your changing technology needs with flexible racking.

Plus our custom designed cabinets are designed to last and are backed by a 15 year warranty.

Our consultants will happily visit and discuss your requirements with a free initial consultation.

Entertainment Units & TV Cabinets Photo gallery

cabinet that has been designed to be placed under a TV
cabinet has a dark brown finish and is fitted with several shelves and compartments
custom-built cabinet or storage unit - Betta Wardrobes
Custom built Cabinet
Custom built Cabinet
Custom built Cabinet
Custom built Cabinet
Custom built Cabinet
Custom built Cabinet
Modern kitchen with stylish and functional cabinets - Betta Wardrobes
cabinet wardrobe design
Custom built cabinet with over door wall unit
Custom built Cabinet
Custom built Cabinet

Entertainment Units & TV Cabinets Specs

Check quality

  • Question: How thick are the ‘primed, thermoformed or painted’ wardrobe doors that your supplier offers? Good quality doors like these should be 25mm thick otherwise there is an increased risk of warping or early deterioration.
  • Betta’s Solution: All our primed, thermoformed and painted doors are a solid, reliable 25mm thick.

Check delivery

  • Question: Does your supplier make their own wardrobe doors or use mass-produced doors? If your supplier has to wait for mass-produced doors to arrive, then you could have an incomplete, dust attracting wardrobe shell in your house.
  • Betta’s Solution: We make our own doors. So therefore we can install your complete wardrobe in one visit (special units may require more than one fitting).

Check fitting

  • Question: Does your supplier use properly trained and experienced wardrobe fitters? There’s no point in paying good money for a wardrobe and then finding that bad fitting renders it all but useless.
  • Betta’s Solution: All of our fitters are experienced and knowledgeable in all types of installations.


Check your rights

  • Question: Does your supplier have a licence number? The Office of Fair Trading issues licence numbers to companies that meet certain criteria. This means that your consumer rights are being protected.
  • Betta’s Solution: We hold a licence issued by the Office of Fair Trading (lic. no. 273679C).

Check legality

  • Question: For jobs over $5000
  • Betta Solution: For jobs over $5000 we always issue a contract along with a copy of the Office of Fair Trading’s Consumer Building Guide.

Check reliability

  • Question: Does your supplier’s offer seem too good to be true? Then it probably is! Copycats offering inferior work at unrealistic prices are rife in the building industry. A lower price probably means lower quality materials, poor service – and possibly even a fly-by-night supplier who might let you down. Ask Betta Wardrobes and Shower Screens.
  • Betta’s Solution: We’ve been in business for over 40 years. We’re serious about crafting stylish wardrobes and shower screens that are also built to last. We are quality assured therefore we devote a lot of time to ongoing training and to sourcing premium products so that neither we, nor our materials will let you down. As a result we can confidently offer a 15 year warranty on wardrobes and cabinets and 5 year warranty on shower screens.

Check quality

  • Question: How can I view the quality of my supplier’s product?
  • Betta’s Solution: We have 10 display centres for your convenience. Why not visit your local showroom to simply compare.

Entertainment Units & TV Cabinets Buyer Checklist

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Wardrobes, Showerscreens & Cabinets

With 46 years in the industry, Betta’s skilled consultants and experienced installers ensure that the process of choosing and fitting new wardrobes in your home will be a seamless and personalised experience.

We know that every home is unique; Betta creates custom solutions for wardrobes, shower screens and cabinets that are tailored to suit the needs and style preferences of homeowners across Australia.

Our designers and craftsmen provide custom wardrobes that unite both design and functionality. Whether you fancy a contemporary wardrobe or a classic design; a built-in wardrobe or a walk-in wardrobe, Betta will execute your vision without compromising on decor and storage.

Why We Stand Out

Outstanding Craftsmanship... 15 Year Warranty

Thank you for considering Betta for your next purchase To assist in choosing the best possible supplier we would like to inform you about whom we are, which may highlight to you the real differences between us and our opposition

  • We have been trading for over 45 years
  • To prove our quality and to allow our customers to see first-hand and touch our product, we have 9 showrooms across Sydney, Wollongong and Campbelltown.
  • Our representatives don’t just tell you how good our quality is we want to actually show you first hand.
  • Most of our representatives and our installers have been with us for over 10 years and some for over 20 years. This gives you an insight into our knowledge and experience.
  • We manufacture all our own wardrobe doors using state of the art machinery. We press our own membrane doors and paint our own polyurethane. We are self-sufficient and are not like other companies obtaining their doors from mass producers. We therefore can service your needs quickly and efficiently with no long wait for your doors.
  • Our warranty is not just a blurb it’s a fact as our longevity and experience along with the quality products we use makes our warranties a real thing that you can rely upon.
  • We offer high end products to high quality budget products..
  • With best quality material and best quality installation with no short cuts to keep price down, we may not be the cheapest but you will receive the best possible product, installation and finish with guaranteed support.
  • Our products have a reputation that will increase the value of your home and will last for many years which we back up with extensive warranties and guarantees.

We have 9 Display Centres around Sydney

Visit any of our 9 display centres conveniently located across Sydney and Wollongong.

  • Brookvale: 02 9907 3754
  • Castle Hill: 02 9686 3755
  • Drummoyne: 02 9181 2333
  • North Wollongong: 02 4226 3633
  • South Nowra: 02 4421 0543
  • Pymble: 02 9488 9155
  • St Leonards: 02 9901 4616
  • Taren Point: 02 9525 7055
  • Waverley: 02 9386 1245

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