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Does Your Office Need a Makeover?

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The home office often becomes a neglected space. It gets forgotten for more public areas such as the kitchen and even bathroom, which get regular maintenance and updates to keep them looking fresh and modern. If this sounds all too familiar, it’s time to consider a home office makeover!

Here are three signs that indicate an office needs a makeover.

1. There isn’t Enough Storage Space

It’s time to be done with clutter. A home office that has paper and objects everywhere needs to be addressed. Above all, a home office needs to be functional and if it’s not a useable space, then it’s not delivering on its purpose.

There are so many storage options available to help create an uncluttered environment that inspires productivity. Built in wardrobes can be the perfect solution, creating more space to store everything and clear the office. For unique spaces, consider custom wardrobes that can be designed to fit the room and directly address specific storage requirements. 

2. It Doesn’t Match the Rest of the House

If the home office looks outdated or out of place with the rest of the house, something needs to be done. Just because the home office tends to be a place of work rather than enjoyment does not mean it should be overlooked. A neat, fresh office space will be sure to add value to the overall property and is therefore worth the investment.

Consider implementing a colour scheme that matches the overall aesthetic of the house. Try colours that will brighten the room but don’t break up the flow of the whole building.

3. The Mood is Dreary

In order to get the most out of a home office, it has to be both functional and a space that can be enjoyed. There is no point having a home office that is dreary and depressing, as it simply won’t get used. Even if it does get utilized, a dull office area is hardly going to inspire creativity or get the best out of someone who is trying to complete work.

To optimize a home office, ensure that is useable but also has a nice feel. Pay attention to the detail and consider ways to make the room seem lighter and more open. Mirror wardrobes can be an effective solution, providing extra storage while also helping the room to look bigger.

If a home office makeover is unavoidable, begin with storage solutions as this can make or break the functionality of an office. Betta Wardrobes offers built in wardrobes in Wollongong and the Sydney area. The extensive range on offer guarantees that there will be something to suit even the most eclectic office space. Also remember to consider colour palette and ways to evoke a particular mood in the room. Aim for light and fresh as this is most likely to create an environment where individuals can be productive and inspired.

Conducting a home office makeover can be challenging but the results will be worth it.

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