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Spring Wardrobe Makeover

Sliding Wardrobes

It’s officially springtime in Australia, and for many people, that means doing a good deal of decluttering and cleaning up around the house. It’s the perfect time to get your old, unused items out of the way and organise everything else.

If you’re interested in making some renovations to get more organised, a straightforward way to start is by installing a new wardrobe. Whether you need to tuck away clothes, shoes, household essentials, or other items, you can design a customised wardrobe that suits your specific storage needs.

Depending on the exact layout …

Makeover Tips for The Bedroom

Wardrobes Sydney

Your bedroom should provide a tranquil environment that enables you to relax after a long day. If you are getting tired or it is looking a bit bland, you can always give your bedroom a refreshing makeover.

Here we have listed some bedroom makeover tips that every homeowner should know.
Clean Up Your Clutter
Cleaning your bedroom only requires little time and effort. You should focus on removing anything that does not add value to your bedroom, such as toys, computer desk, laundry, paperwork, and any junk.

If you have limited space, you can stash …

Does Your Shower Screen Need Updating?

custom wardrobes

Your bathroom should shower you with a comfortable and relaxing experience. It should also add value to your home. If it does neither, you definitely need an upgrade.

In this article, we look at the signs that show you need to replace your shower screen.
When it does not add value to your home
As time goes by, your shower screen will inevitably deteriorate. A used shower screen often appears cloudy instead of sparkling. If you are planning to sell your home, it can significantly hurt your asking price.

Similar to other home renovations, replacing …

What to Look for in a Wardrobe Supplier

Wardrobes Sydney

These days, it seems like everyone is always upgrading their homes to get the latest and greatest features. Not to mention, we’re inundated by renovation and remodelling shows on television that show us the newest styles and decor options.

If you’re looking to update your home, it’s tough to know where to start. But if you think about where you spend the most time, your bedroom probably ranks high on that list. It’s a great place to test out your interior design skills and start building a home that’s truly yours.

Within your bedroom, there …

Finding the Right Wardrobe for Your Needs

Wardrobes Sydney

Your home is your sacred space, and your bedroom is at the heart of it all. You want to design it exactly how you’d like it, with design and functionality fit to your needs.

These days, you can customise nearly everything about your home, including your storage spaces such as your wardrobes. There are endless possibilities for creating a look and feel that you love.

In this post, we’ll describe how to find the right wardrobe depending on your needs and preferences – read on to learn which type of wardrobe is best for you!
If …

Benefits of a Custom Wardrobe

Custom Wardrobe

Your home is a long-term investment, so shouldn’t you have it designed to fit your particular specifications? There are many ways to customise your living space, but one of the simplest and most useful is to develop a custom wardrobe.

Whether it’s in your bedroom, guest room or home office, a custom wardrobe is an excellent way to maximise your existing space. Because a custom wardrobe is specifically created to fit the items you already own, installing one will help you minimise clutter throughout the rest of your home and get more …

Tips to Organise Your Wardrobe

tips to organise your wardrobe

Wardrobes can go from organised to a big mess in minutes. To many, it takes so much time to organise their wardrobes and each time they want to find something to wear from the wardrobe; it’s almost like a thorn in the flesh. No matter how great your sliding door wardrobes or fitted wardrobe may be, poor organisation can at times make your whole room look like a mess.
Four Tips to get you started

The first thing you need to do is to go through each item in your wardrobe and …

Types of wardrobes for your bedroom

types of wardrobes for your bedroom

A wardrobe plays a critical role in organising your clothing essentials as well as protecting them from any damage. The wardrobe is one of the primary furniture pieces in a bedroom, next to bed. Some prefer walk-in wardrobes, while others prefer the something simpler. Everyone has their own idea of having the perfect wardrobe and luckily, at Betta Wardrobes, there are plenty of options available to satisfy all your needs for storage, organising, and aesthetics. With our extensive business experience, we are confident of the quality of …

The Benefits of an Open Closet

An open closet is one of the desired custom wardrobes for anyone. There are endless benefits to the added space (and value) that an open closet provides. You have all your belongings right there, in sight and you can even add a dressing mirror, throw in some vanity lights and have yourself a stylish personalised room.

Here you will see some benefits of an open closet and how you can’t go wrong.

Aesthetically Pleasing
The best feature of an open closet is its aesthetics. There are so many ways you can style your belongings to …

Bring Luxury to Your Bedroom with Your Dream Wardrobe

Designing a wardrobe in your bedroom is as complicated as creating space in the kitchen. You have to be functional and tasteful at the same time. Modern men and women realise the importance of space-saving and time-management when it comes to organising clothes and personal belongings.

No one wants to stay swamped in cupboards trying to figure out what to wear and then spending half an hour finding that item.

Here we will discuss some wardrobe options that you can install in your new home.
Fitted/Built-in Wardrobes
Fitted or build in wardrobes are made along the …

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