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The Ultimate Guide to Building a Capsule Wardrobe

Closet organized. Capsule wardrobe

Building a capsule wardrobe has many benefits. Knowing that whatever you choose to wear will fit perfectly together with confidence will be one of the biggest time savers in your life. Fewer options also mean fewer decisions, and getting dressed in the morning will become much more enjoyable. A capsule wardrobe doesn’t follow current trends. Shopping less often but with more purpose for timeless, high-quality pieces isn’t just more environmentally friendly; it can also lead to significant savings of money and time in the long run….

Warm vs. Cool: Choosing the Right Colour Temperature for Your Home

Modern, luxury brown wooden built in, walk in closet wardrobe
Setting up your new living quarters to create a cosy and welcoming atmosphere can be challenging. While selecting furniture, arranging decor, and organising spaces, the importance of lighting should not be underestimated. Appropriate lighting can make a massive difference in the aesthetics of an interior and the overall well-being of the residents, positively affecting sleep, productivity, and mood.
Colour temperature is gauged in degrees Kelvin (K) and defines the visual characteristics and warmth of light. …

How To Create a Versatile Utility Room for Your Home

Versatile Utility Room

Do you ever wish you had a dedicated space in your home to neatly organise and proficiently manage all those household tasks? A versatile utility room can be the answer to maximise organisation, functionality and efficiency in your household. With clever storage solutions, laundry facilities, pet zones and more, you can create a multi-functional space tailored to your needs that will make running your home much smoother. Keep reading for plenty of utility room ideas to help you get started!
Why Add a Utility Room? 
A …

DIY Walk-In Wardrobe Makeover: Affordable Upgrades for a Luxe Look

DIY Walk-In Wardrobe Makeover

If you sigh at the old décor and disorganisation of your walk-in wardrobe when putting together an outfit every morning, why not give the closet a DIY makeover? With some skilful handiwork and creativity, it is fairly easy to give your tired wardrobe a luxe upgrade that reflects your current aesthetic preferences and storage needs.
First Steps for Planning Your DIY Walk-In Wardrobe Makeover 
Take a few preparatory steps before dashing off to the hardware store to shop for materials …

Growing Up with Style: Transitioning Kids’ Wardrobes Over the Years

Kids WardrobeChildren’s needs and tastes change dramatically as they grow, especially during pre- and teenage years. This growth and development often necessitate upgrades and transitions in their wardrobes to provide sufficient storage, accessibility, and appropriate style. Fitted wardrobes are an excellent solution for creating adaptable and fashionable bedroom storage for kids and teens. Betta Wardrobes specialises in designing customised kid’s wardrobes to match any space and set of needs, and our expert designers can help your kids’ wardrobe transition over the years to keep up with their changing requirements….

Decluttering 101: Practical Tips for Simplifying Your Bathroom

clean bathroom

Keeping a bathroom tidy and organised can be a real challenge. What was once a relaxing oasis can easily become filled with products, toiletries, outdated medicine and more. If you find yourself struggling with overflowing cabinets and items getting strewn on the floor, it may be time for some bathroom decluttering.


Simplify bathroom space comes with many benefits. The result is not only a cleaner, more organised area, but a tidy bathroom also makes your daily routine easier, letting you start and end your day with less stress …

Organisation Tips for Managing a Busy Household

organised wardrobe

Keeping a home tidy and organised can be a challenge for busy Australian households. As days fill up with work and other commitments, household to-dos often fall by the wayside, and before you know it, clutter has taken over, things get lost in the chaos, and precious weekends disappear trying to catch up.

But keeping an organised household does not need to be such an ordeal. With simple techniques and storage solutions, you can bring even the messiest home into shape – no major time commitments are required. …

Transforming Your Sliding Door Wardrobe to Suit Your Space (Customisation Hacks)

simple built in wardrobe

Customised wardrobes are one of the best storage solutions out there. They keep your belongings neat and tidy while taking up minimal floor space, and when well-designed and installed correctly, a sliding door wardrobe seamlessly blends into your interior. At Betta Wardrobes, we understand that every home and family is different, and your storage needs likely change over time. What worked when you first moved in may now feel inadequate. Thus, we have put together ten clever custom and design hacks to transform …

Bathroom Storage Hacks You Haven’t Heard Of

Bathroom Storage Hacks - Betta Wardrobes

Does your bathroom feel like it’s bursting at the seams with nowhere to store everything? Between makeup, hair products, towels, cleaning supplies and more, keeping everything tidy can be overwhelming. Prepare to be amazed at the difference clever bathroom storage can make! With some creativity and expert help, you can transform even the most crowded bathroom, as minor tweaks can maximise every centimetre of space in amazing ways. Thus, before you give up, here are some ingenious bathroom storage hacks you likely haven’t heard of. …

Tech-Infused Wardrobe Accessories: Enhancing Your Daily Routine and Inviting Space

technolgy wardrobe

In today’s world, technology has become more and more involved in our everyday lives. It is something that helps us streamline our day-to-day life. With all of life’s juggles and daily issues that life comes with setting up your wardrobe with the help of tech, it is just one way to enhance your daily routine and create a space that you actually enjoy spending time in. 

Getting dressed and ready for our day takes a large portion of time, so creating a tech-infused wardrobe is a great way …

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