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5 Types of Shower Screen to Consider in your Renovation

Types of Shower Screen to Consider in your Renovation

If you are in the market for a new shower screen, we’ve got you covered. There are 5 different types of shower screen available. Whether you are looking to complete a contemporary bathroom or something more traditional, you will be able to find a shower screen that suits your theme.
1. Fully Framed
As the name suggests, this shower screen features a full frame. It is the toughest and most durable type of shower screen, making it perfect for family homes and other high-traffic bathrooms. Available …

5 Ways You Can Save Space in Your Wardrobe

5 Ways You Can Save Space in Your Wardrobe

For some of us, having a big wardrobe is just a dream and for other it is a reality. No matter what size wardrobe you have it can get messy and cluttered at times. This can make what should be a simple task of getting dressed, complicated really quick. There are several ways to create and save space in your hinged wardrobe, even when you own a million things.  Read on to find how you can save space in your wardrobe, which can …

The Beauty of a Mirror Wardrobe

Mirror Wardrobe

Mirror wardrobes are popular and trendy for a reason. They are statement pieces for your bedroom and have a significant effect on the look of the rest of the furniture. The overall outcome of their sparkling presence ranges from modern and sophisticated, to classic and tasteful. What is more, they match any kind of interior decor. This type of wardrobe is sure to become the new focal point of your enhanced bedroom. Mirror wardrobes provide you with endless benefits, below we have names just a few of them.
Perhaps the most …

Does Your Office Need a Makeover?

Built in Wardrobes

The home office often becomes a neglected space. It gets forgotten for more public areas such as the kitchen and even bathroom, which get regular maintenance and updates to keep them looking fresh and modern. If this sounds all too familiar, it’s time to consider a home office makeover!

Here are three signs that indicate an office needs a makeover.
1. There isn’t Enough Storage Space
It’s time to be done with clutter. A home office that has paper and objects everywhere needs to be addressed. Above all, a home office needs to …

3 Tips for Designing a Custom Wardrobe

Custom Wardrobes

Your wardrobe is where you store some of your most valuable possessions, so it should be designed to address your individual needs and requirements. If you’re looking to design a custom wardrobe, there are some essential tips that you should keep in mind.

In this post, we will share three of the most important things to remember while creating a personalised wardrobe. Read on to learn more about these essential items before you begin work on your custom wardrobe.
Understand how a Wardrobe Impacts your Space
The first thing to evaluate before you …

How to Maximize Your Walk-In Wardrobe

Built in Wardrobes

Walk-in wardrobes have become highly essential furniture for modern homes, with most new houses including one or more of these wardrobes in their design. Besides their superior convenience and utilisation benefits, built-in wardrobes are regularly mentioned features when a home is being sold. That is because these wardrobes also offer a sense of remarkable value.

All these benefits of fitted walk-in wardrobes are understandable, especially given the outstanding efficiency that they provide when compared to conventional reach-in closets. Below are practical tips to show you how to maximize your walk-in …

Custom-Built Fitted Wardrobes: Style, Shape, Size, What is Possible?

Custom Wardrobes

For a clothes storage a solution which fits in seamlessly with your existing bedroom design and fitted wardrobes offer incredible flexibility.  Custom wardrobes Sydney homes provide a touch of class, convenience and charm.  But what exactly are your options for custom-built wardrobe systems, and what are some of the main things you should be keeping in mind?
Design and Style
While custom fits can allow you to add a little of your character and aesthetics, they must fit the basic dimensions of a room. However, this can mean that you receive a …

Spring Wardrobe Makeover

Sliding Wardrobes

It’s officially springtime in Australia, and for many people, that means doing a good deal of decluttering and cleaning up around the house. It’s the perfect time to get your old, unused items out of the way and organise everything else.

If you’re interested in making some renovations to get more organised, a straightforward way to start is by installing a new wardrobe. Whether you need to tuck away clothes, shoes, household essentials, or other items, you can design a customised wardrobe that suits your specific storage needs.

Depending on the exact layout …

Makeover Tips for The Bedroom

Wardrobes Sydney

Your bedroom should provide a tranquil environment that enables you to relax after a long day. If you are getting tired or it is looking a bit bland, you can always give your bedroom a refreshing makeover.

Here we have listed some bedroom makeover tips that every homeowner should know.
Clean Up Your Clutter
Cleaning your bedroom only requires little time and effort. You should focus on removing anything that does not add value to your bedroom, such as toys, computer desk, laundry, paperwork, and any junk.

If you have limited space, you can stash …

Does Your Shower Screen Need Updating?

custom wardrobes

Your bathroom should shower you with a comfortable and relaxing experience. It should also add value to your home. If it does neither, you definitely need an upgrade.

In this article, we look at the signs that show you need to replace your shower screen.
When it does not add value to your home
As time goes by, your shower screen will inevitably deteriorate. A used shower screen often appears cloudy instead of sparkling. If you are planning to sell your home, it can significantly hurt your asking price.

Similar to other home renovations, replacing …

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