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Bathroom Storage Hacks You Haven’t Heard Of

Bathroom Storage Hacks - Betta Wardrobes

Does your bathroom feel like it’s bursting at the seams with nowhere to store everything? Between makeup, hair products, towels, cleaning supplies and more, keeping everything tidy can be overwhelming. Prepare to be amazed at the difference clever bathroom storage can make! With some creativity and expert help, you can transform even the most crowded bathroom, as minor tweaks can maximise every centimetre of space in amazing ways. Thus, before you give up, here are some ingenious bathroom storage hacks you likely haven’t heard of. 

Use Wall Space Creatively

One of the easiest hacks to improve bathroom storage is utilising all the vertical space your walls offer. Install shelving high up to store extra towels or infrequently used items. You can find shelves specifically designed for bathrooms that resist moisture, or you can have a carpenter install custom shelves to fit unused wall areas precisely. 

Floating shelves are ideal for displaying rolled-up washcloths or rolled towels when you want items that are easily accessible but out of the way. Make sure the shelves are securely mounted and high enough so you aren’t knocking your head on them constantly, and use waterproof storage bins for added leak protection. Vertical wall space is one of the simplest yet most effective bathroom storage solutions.

Unexpected Drawer Storage 

You may not realise the potential of storage under the bathroom sink or vanity. One of the most practical bathroom storage hacks is installing pull-out drawers to maximise the unused space. Contact a reputable company to have custom drawers built to fit the area perfectly, and add compartments and small trays to organise clutter from makeup to cleaning products. 

Pull-out drawers keep things neat and tidy but conveniently within arm’s reach. Just be sure to have the drawers professionally installed for proper alignment and smooth operation.

Niche Shelving Nooks

If you’re still short of bathroom storage, use niche spaces between wall studs to create shelving nooks. Even just a few centimetres of depth can accommodate narrow shelving. Use these custom nooks to store slim bottles, boxes, or toilet paper to slot into the spaces. 

Installing niche shelving is relatively inexpensive and easy enough for DIYers to tackle. But for a seamless look with the surrounding wall, have niche shelving professionally built. This often-overlooked hack adds valuable bathroom storage without taking up floor space.

Magnetic Wall Storage 

Here’s an ingenious bathroom storage solution to keep your most-used items tidy yet instantly accessible – install a magnetic strip to organise everything from tweezers to bobby pins to makeup brushes. Mount a magnetic knife strip and use strong magnets to hold metal bathroom essentials in place. 

You could also use affixed sheet metal or mesh panels to create a customisable magnetic wall. Adhere small shallow containers, hooks and more for handy storage where you need it most. 

Add Hidden Storage with a Sliding Mirror 

An unexpected bathroom storage solution is a sliding mirror that doubles as a cabinet front. Simply slide the mirror panel sideways to reveal a generously sized storage area for towels, toiletries and more. Install organising racks as needed inside to customise.   

If wall space is limited, have a carpenter install a sliding mirror above a floating vanity to create ample organised storage that remains entirely out of sight until needed. For most homeowners, a sliding mirror cabinet is amongst the most innovative bathroom storage hacks that add hidden storage without taking up floor space.

Creative Toilet Paper Storage 

Let’s discuss one item found in every household bathroom – toilet paper. To keep spare rolls organised and out of sight, avoid simply stacking them on the floor. Instead, mount toilet paper storage on the wall or inside cabinets to get them off the floor, or find toilet paper organisers with tiered shelves or multiple roll spindles to contain supplies neatly. You can also have a carpenter build custom toilet paper storage into cabinetry or wall framing to keep necessities tidy and close at hand.

Over-the-Door Storage

Over-the-door storage is a classic space-saving solution ideal for small bathrooms. Hang fabric or mesh organisers over the door to neatly contain bottles, cosmetics, hair accessories and more. Look for over-door units with multiple shelves and pockets to maximise storage capabilities.

Have a carpenter install bathroom storage right into the door for a more integrated look. Custom door storage options include mirrored cabinets, mesh hangers, and concealed shelves.  

Two-Tier Lazy Susan Storage 

Here’s an ingenious spin on classic lazy Susan storage – install double-decker lazy Susans in corner cabinets. Have custom cabinetry built with a two-tier lazy Susan that makes the most of tight spaces. The rotating trays neatly organise bottles, soaps, cosmetics and more for seriously convenient access.  

For even more bathroom storage, incorporate drawers or shelves on doors in addition to double lazy Susan storage inside. This bathroom storage hack keeps every centimetre of corner cabinets organised and accessible with a simple spin.  

Baskets Under the Sink 

One of the simplest bathroom storage hacks is using baskets under the sink. Install stackable baskets that neatly contain everything from cleaning supplies to backup soap bottles. Label each basket so everyone knows what goes where.  

For a seamless, custom look, integrate baskets right into cabinet building behind doors. Add hooks, compartments and other custom elements tailored to your storage needs. 

Get Expert Bathroom Storage with Betta Wardrobes

As you can see, there are plenty of bathroom storage hacks to create functional space, even in small bathrooms. From unexpected drawer storage to clever wall solutions and everything in between, little tweaks have a serious impact. 

The next step? Have Betta Wardrobes come to assess your bathroom and suggest clever custom storage hacks. We specialise in unique designs and expertly install custom storage solutions tailored to your bathroom’s layout. Contact Betta Wardrobes today at 1300 662 966 for efficient home installation service. Our consultants and experienced installers will help you to put custom bathroom storage hacks into action so you can enjoy organised, clutter-free bliss even in modest spaces.

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