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Decluttering 101: Practical Tips for Simplifying Your Bathroom

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Keeping a bathroom tidy and organised can be a real challenge. What was once a relaxing oasis can easily become filled with products, toiletries, outdated medicine and more. If you find yourself struggling with overflowing cabinets and items getting strewn on the floor, it may be time for some bathroom decluttering.


Simplify bathroom space comes with many benefits. The result is not only a cleaner, more organised area, but a tidy bathroom also makes your daily routine easier, letting you start and end your day with less stress searching for items. Here are some practical tips and storage solutions on how to declutter bathroom essentials to help you keep your medicine cabinet under the sink space and shower and bathtub areas organised amid a busy lifestyle. 

The Advantages of Bathroom Decluttering

Let’s find out why taking some time over the weekend to simplify bathroom space is worth it:

Saves Time

Once you declutter bathroom essentials and create a set place for everything, getting ready each day becomes quicker and smoother. No more hunting around for the toothpaste cap or that special face scrub.

Promotes Hygiene

Crowded bathrooms tend to get dirty faster. Countertops with just the essentials are easier to wipe down. Consider investing in enclosed storage to keep surplus items out of sight.

Reduces stress

Bathroom decluttering allows you to create a little spa-like retreat within your home. Imagine pouring yourself a bubble bath and relaxing with everything around you being sleek and tidy.

Makes spaces seem larger

When surfaces are cleared of clutter, the entire room often appears much more open, airy, and spacious than before.

Increased safety

Eliminating clutter reduces tripping accidents and the chance of slippery falls.

Now that you know the many benefits of bathroom decluttering, let’s look at practices to make your home more tidy and organised. 

Declutter Bathroom Essentials in 3 Key Areas 

When it comes to bathroom decluttering, there are usually three main zones to tackle: the medicine cabinet, under the sink and the shower and bathtub. Let’s look at practical tips to simplify bathroom space in each area one by one:

Simplify Your Medicine Cabinet

In many households, medicine cabinets cram easily with expired pills, old bandages and half-squeezed ointments. Here’s how to tame this specific storage area to keep things sanitary and organised:

Remove expired products

Check labels and get rid of anything past its prime, as out-of-date medications can be less effective and even dangerous.

Evaluate infrequently used items

Do you need five types of pain relievers? Keep only 2-3 that you use regularly.

Store similar items together

Group medications such as pain relievers, cough syrups, and allergy pills together for easy access when needed.

Try tall, narrow bins

These make the most of vertical storage space for small items like lip balms.  

Install pull-out cabinets

Sliding drawers give you full visibility and access to everything stored.

Declutter Under Your Bathroom Sink

That cupboard under the bathroom sink tends to become a graveyard for half-used cleaning sprays, expired hair products, and worn-out extra toothbrushes. Follow these tips to declutter bathroom essentials in this problem area:  

Clear everything out

Take everything out so you can fully wipe down the interior surfaces. Toss garbage, donate usable products, and set aside keepers.

Toss tube leftovers

Get every last bit out of toothpaste tubes and cosmetic bottles, then recycle the empties. 

Use baskets

Group items in open baskets to see what’s stored inside easily. 

Try adjustable dividers

These metal inserts allow you to customise spaces to fit the products you are keeping.  

Store daily essentials near the front

Keep items you use the most readily accessible.

Add a door rack

A slim rack mounted inside cabinet doors is ideal for skinny bottles and sprays.

You can limit the clutter under your bathroom sink with built-in storage options and a few helpful accessories. 

Simplify Your Shower and Bathtub Area  

Wet areas like showers and tubs easily become magnets for multiplying bottles and accessories. Here are handy bathroom decluttering tips tailored to these spaces:

Install in-shower shelves

Shelves built into the shower keep washing essentials up and out of the way of feet and water.  

Add an adjustable shower caddy

A hanging rack with movable shelves lets you customise to fit your preferred products.

Rinse the tub after use

Quickly rinsing away soap film prevents mineral deposit build-up over time.  

Get a better squeegee

An extended window squeegee makes it quicker to wipe down shower doors and walls after bathing.

Consider Fitted Bathroom Storage 

Fitted storage is the solution that reigns supreme when keeping any bathroom tidy over the long term. Unlike freestanding cabinets and wobbly shelf units, custom-fitted designs unique to your bathroom’s dimensions help eliminate messy spaces and regular bathroom decluttering and rather than a mishmash of various cabinet knobs and pulls, coordinated drawer pulls and matching door handles promote an elegantly unified storage solution suited to simplify bathroom space.

Fittings like slide-out drawers, pull-out cabinets, tilted open trays, and adjustable dividers all allow you to fully utilise every centimetre of available space to contain your bathroom essentials neatly. You may opt for clear or frosted glass doors and some open shelving to ensure you can view and easily locate what’s stored inside without messy rummaging. 

Fitted bathroom storage is custom-made to measure, and cabinets and shelving can be positioned at ideal heights and configurations tailored around the unique shape of each bathroom. 

Create the Bathroom of Your Dreams 

Are you inspired yet to declutter bathroom essentials and reclaim this space as a serene, spa-like retreat? The storage ideas and bathroom decluttering tips we’ve shared will help you simplify all those messy zones.

However, when it comes to achieving a bathroom that stays neatly organised for good, fitted furniture is truly the ultimate solution. Betta Wardrobes has over four decades of experience designing and installing custom storage cabinetry throughout Australian homes, backed by a 15-year product warranty. 

Book a free in-home consultation today to discuss the perfect bathroom storage for you!

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