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DIY Walk-In Wardrobe Makeover: Affordable Upgrades for a Luxe Look

DIY Walk-In Wardrobe Makeover

If you sigh at the old décor and disorganisation of your walk-in wardrobe when putting together an outfit every morning, why not give the closet a DIY makeover? With some skilful handiwork and creativity, it is fairly easy to give your tired wardrobe a luxe upgrade that reflects your current aesthetic preferences and storage needs.

First Steps for Planning Your DIY Walk-In Wardrobe Makeover 

Take a few preparatory steps before dashing off to the hardware store to shop for materials for your closet makeover. Start by decluttering your wardrobe and sorting out clothes and accessories so you have a clear sense of what items you need to store all year round. 

Get creative as you brainstorm how to incorporate space-saving elements such as hooks, open shelving or stackable transparent drawers and picture what it might feel like to get ready in this fresh, new environment. Evaluate if the storage components you envision maximise space and promote organisation through smart built-ins like compartments and dividers. As you plan this makeover project, determine which tired interior elements demand replacement due to wear and tear, such as carpets or damaged door fronts.

Next, measure your walk-in wardrobe and sketch a floor plan to scale to visualise the layout and plan the transformation effectively. Gather inspiration that resonates with your style from magazines or social media platforms like Instagram.

Finally, consider the overall aesthetic you want to achieve, including the colour palette that will complement the overall interior of your room. 

By thoroughly answering these key questions in your mind, you can pinpoint precisely which upgrades are worth investing in, and with these crucial steps completed, you’ll be better prepared to tackle the trip to the hardware store.

Useful Tools for Your DIY Wardrobe Makeover

To bring your luxe wardrobe upgrade to life, having the right equipment at hand will not only make tackling your DIY project more efficient but also ensure precise and stunning results. The right tools include:

  • Measuring tape
  • Laser level 
  • Stud finder
  • Paint brushes and rollers
  • Power drill 
  • Screwdrivers
  • Sandpaper
  • Saw (for cutting shelving)
  • Singer (for edges)
  • Ladder 

DIY Wardrobe Makeovers

Paint or Wallpaper

One of the easiest and most affordable ways to transform a walk-in wardrobe’s look is by changing the wall colour or paper. Consider painting an accent wall in a bold colour or adding chic texture with a damask or floral wallpaper. Remember to prep surfaces thoroughly and apply primer before adding your fresh wall finish.

New Hardware

Replacing dated handles and pulls with pretty glass crystal knobs or sleek metallic pulls is a budget-friendly update that boosts the luxe factor. Match handles to existing finishes in your bedroom for a cohesive look.

Mirrors and Lighting

Strategically placed mirrors visually enlarge smaller walk-in wardrobe designs. Install the mirror above a console table or clothing rail to reflect and bounce light around. Swapping out dull ceiling lights for a statement pendant or chandelier can help amp up the ambience. 


Open display shelving along one wall is great for showing off your favourite designer handbags, shoes and accessories. Paint or stain basic shelves to coordinate with your colour scheme. You can also add lovely accent lighting with strip LEDs to spotlight treasures. 

Seating Area

Carve out a small nook for seating in your walk-in wardrobe makeover plans. An armchair or comfy bench with a plush rug underfoot for added luxury makes selecting outfits more enjoyable. 

Baskets for Storage

Incorporate pretty storage solutions like willow laundry baskets, lidded wicker trunks and woven trays to camouflage clutter and label them, adding that finishing touch to your closet makeover.

The Power of Small Wardrobe Makeovers 

It is important to appreciate the power of small upgrades when tackling a walk-in wardrobe makeover. Something as minor as updating the door handles can make the space feel crisper and more modern. If you do not have a lot of time, are not a crafty person or on a tight budget, start with quick cosmetic pick-me-ups like:

  • Paint inside drawers or cabinet interiors an accent shade visible whenever you open them
  • Use removable wallpaper or contact peel-and-stick paper to transform melamine shelves
  • Organise contents neatly into matching storage boxes stacked alluringly.
  • Showcase frequently worn statement necklaces and earring collections on acrylic stands rather than cramming into drawers
  • Install battery-operated puck lights under cabinets to glow at night for ambient light
  • Line baskets with colourful lining paper or gingham print cloth before filling. 

Such little DIY touches can make your space feel cohesive and considered, greatly impacting walk-in wardrobe designs.

Luxe Touches from Wardrobe Design Experts

To significantly improve your dressing experience, contemplate whether the custom built-in fixtures like a centralised island dresser would. For such special elements, engage the services of a professional wardrobe designer to lift your closet makeover to spectacular new heights. At Betta Wardrobes, we offer bespoke services, including:

  • Custom-built cabinetry featuring limitless colours and quality finishes to suit your dream wardrobe design. 
  • Advanced storage solutions from drawers to pull-out hangers hidden behind sleek sliding doors
  • Innovative use of space-saving elements like overhead shelf towers and double hanging space.
  • Installation of convenient amenities like integrated laundry chutes, vanity lighting surrounds and charging docks to make dressing simple
  • Wardrobe lighting design using LED strips and motion sensors on doors/drawers

You can bring your dream walk-in wardrobe designs to life by partnering with reputable designers for customised wardrobes

Call the Experts for a Wardrobe Makeover Consultation

For professional advice on planning your dream walk-in wardrobe makeover, call the experienced team from Betta Wardrobes today on 1300 662 966 for consultation and an obligation-free quote. Our skilled designers will listen to your wish list and tailor solutions to seamlessly match your home’s architecture. Get excited about the wonderful possibilities and visit one of our many showrooms to view walk-in wardrobe designs first-hand.   

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