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Understanding The Value Of Walk-in Wardrobes: What Do They Add?

closet that is organized and neatly arranged with clothes, shoes, and accessories

Walk-in wardrobes are often an essential extension of your bedroom. Although they are primarily a storage space for clothes and other personal items, they also provide space for additional tasks, such as ironing, sorting, and folding clothes. As a result, they can add significant value to a home, especially on resale deals. However, the value of a walk-in wardrobe can largely depend on how it was designed, so it’s crucial to get the experts in to help you create your new storage space.

The Different Uses and Benefits of Walk-in Wardrobes

  •  1. Grooming space

Other than serving as storage for personal items and clothes, fitted wardrobes also act as changing rooms. Some feature islands that serve as make-up tables and areas for styling hair, shaving, and other personal care routines.

  •  2. Elegance

A walk-in wardrobe is a lifestyle change that adds a touch of elegance to your home. A separate area used solely for displaying and storing your garments appeals to many. The added trimmings, such as mirrors, vanities and even seating, give it an elegant touch. It is sheer luxury and a dream come true for many people.

  •  3. Tidy and organised storage space

These wardrobes provide an excellent space for keeping clothes and other possessions orderly and tidy. Since walk-in wardrobes often feature drawers, shelves, and hanging rods, they provide ample space and options for easily organising all clothes and accessories. Everything has its place.

  •  4. They are versatile

Another option with the functionality and design of walk-in, custom closets is fitting a dressing area or make-up table with mirrors and appropriate lighting. Such features enhance the home’s ambience, which creates a good impression for a potential buyer.

Walk-in closets do not have to follow traditional design ideas. They can be L-shaped, square, slanted, or uneven, and neither must they have hinged or sliding doors. The choice of design enhances the use of floor space and transforms the bedroom into an inviting retreat. 

  •  5. Tidier bedroom

With all the clothes and accessories tucked away in the closet, the bedroom remains clutter-free, tidier, and feels more relaxing. Such a room looks spacious, organised, and even peaceful when the need to unwind arises.

  •  6. It ensures privacy

Since the walk-in closet doubles as a dressing room, a person can change clothes in complete privacy. It keeps all personal effects behind closed doors and protects you from prying eyes. Some have safes where you can securely put away precious items.

  •  7. Proper utilisation of space

If your home is not a standard square or rectangular shape, bespoke walk-in wardrobes are the perfect addition, as you can fill irregular spaces that do not fit anything else. In addition, if you have tall ceilings, utilise vertical space with tall shelves and double hanging rods for optimal storage capacity.

  •  8. Customised to specific needs

Skilled fitters like Betta can create a unique walk-in wardrobe by customising it in various ways. The installer designs it to fit the exact dimensions of a room.

The internal space options will vary depending on the individual storage needs of the owner. One can make special requests concerning the layout of the wardrobe space. The intention is to make items easy to find while providing freedom when walking around.

The convenient storage options such as rails for trousers and dresses, shelves or racks for shoes, and drawers for socks and undergarments are some customisation choices.

Another aspect of adapting it to personal preference is its colour and finishing. A wide range of colours and designs complement the theme and décor of the home or bedroom.

  •  9. They protect clothes and other personal effects

Well-designed mirror wardrobes should have adequate ventilation. Stuffy ones will cause mildew and mould to develop, and the clothes will smell musty. Clothes need ample space where air can circulate freely to ensure they smell fresh and avoid moisture damage. 

With an island or a compartment for jewellery and accessories like cuff links, such delicate items will be carefully handled and stored to ensure their durability.

  •  10. They save time

A walk-in wardrobe lives up to its name, offering the convenience of stepping right in. It facilitates convenient access to all of your belongings due to its well-organised layout.

There’s no need to rummage through piles of clothes squeezed on a hanging rail or in a heap on a seat. So when it is time to get ready, one can do so in a snap without trying to locate what to wear.

How Walk-in Wardrobes Raise a House’s Value

Potential home buyers have two intentions when scanning the market for property: for occupation and resale. Buyers on a quest to own a home wish for the dream house that meets all their needs, and walk-in wardrobes considerably drive up the stakes.

Those looking to purchase the house as an investment for resale seek such a home with special features like walk-in closets that intrigue and lure buyers easily. The property market has an unquenchable thirst for homes with walk-ins. Such a wardrobe in the main suite will significantly add value to a home.

Having well-designed and organised built-in wardrobes adds sophistication to a home, raising its market value. These wardrobes create the impression that a house is bigger than it appears, with more floor space because of such concealed areas.

The design’s versatility means it is possible to reconfigure it and reconstruct the wardrobe afresh to suit unique needs or personal preferences. When a buyer walks into the home and sees such sophistication and versatility, it becomes easy to put in an offer to buy the home.

Wrapping Up

The value of walk-in wardrobes is in the value and elegance they bring to a home. They enhance the ambience and create a relaxing and clutter-free living space.

Contact us today if you are ready to create your unique walk-in wardrobes. We construct custom closets from the best materials, which is the ideal way to plan and install a walk-in wardrobe for a new home or as a property upgrade. 

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