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8 Practical Storage Solutions to Improve the Value of Your Home

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In the past, expansive backyards and gardens were the most desirable features to home buyers. This is no longer the case – people now value good storage, a change inspired by the prolonged stay at home during the pandemic lockdown.

Most people mistakenly think that good storage equates to bigger homes. However, it’s more about practicality and making the most out of existing spaces. For instance, adding more bedrooms to your house can increase its value significantly. The same applies to installing new storage solutions like custom wardrobes.

Practical Storage Ideas to Boost Your Property’s Value

Here are valuable tips to add practical storage and increase your property’s value.

Convert Unused Rooms into Bedrooms

As mentioned above, bedrooms are among the most valuable additions to a house because they guarantee extra storage. 

Consider using unoccupied rooms as an office or for games, but converting them into additional bedrooms results in the highest increase in property value. If you compromise, the room can double as a home office and guest bedroom.

You only need a bed and a simple storage solution, like a hinged wardrobe, to create a bedroom. Add a desk and chair if you also intend to use the space as an office.

Invest in Built-in Closets

Built-in closets are a huge trend in the real estate industry; the bigger, the better. Add more closet space to make your house attractive to potential buyers. It’s a wise investment that pays off handsomely.

More people prefer built-in closets because of their versatility. Besides offering more space for clothes, these wardrobes can serve as remote working areas. They have ample room that allows you to place office desks and work without distractions in the living room.

Use Spare Spaces to Create Storage Solutions

Using spare spaces to create storage solutions makes features stand out and adds property value. For instance, you can add nooks and crannies for hanging accessories such as ties, scarves, and belts.

Converting alcoves and under-stairs cabinets into storage areas adds practical storage to your living room. More importantly, they add value to your home by making it functional and unique.

Convert Your Loft

Converting your loft provides additional space for a home office, playroom, or an extra bedroom. If you add a dormer extension, you enjoy more headroom. However, installing these extensions towards the back of your house is advisable to reduce intrusiveness.

Loft conversions are handy if you don’t have spare rooms to convert or want to increase the number of bedrooms without compromising your office space.

Since most people use lofts for storage, some homeowners lack room to keep their items during the conversion. You can solve this by renting storage as you oversee the project. After its completion, you can install and add storage units into the new loft to increase your home’s value.

Adopt an Open-Plan Living Area

Open-plan living areas appeal to many prospective homeowners because they look bigger than separate living and kitchen rooms. They also suit the modern lifestyle better, where kitchens are domestic hubs for cooking, eating, relaxing, and enjoying family time.

Knocking down the wall between your kitchen and living room can be a DIY job, but you’ll need to consult structural engineering if it is load-bearing. Specifically, you’ll need to purchase supporting steel bars.

The extra room created by knocking down the wall can help add a kitchen island, which offers additional storage space and can serve as a dining table.

Convert Your Garage

It can be tricky to conceal a converted garage, but that shouldn’t discourage you. What was once a storage area for your car and tools can be transformed into an extra room. With a good design, the garage should blend seamlessly with your existing property.

You can boost your property’s value by converting your garage into a guest room, a media room, or a general storage area for large equipment. Ensure you install proper cabinetry, preferably made of metal, to handle the heavy equipment.

Upgrade Your Laundry

Do you know that you can add practical storage by upgrading your laundry? You only need to install storage cabinets above your washing machines. These laundry cabinets help keep dirty clothes and free up space in your bedroom wardrobes.

Alternatively, you can invest in a mudroom. A mudroom is an entry area where you can remove and store shoes, bags, hats, coats, gym equipment, and more. It’s a boundary between the outdoors and inside your house, ensuring you don’t carry dirt and mud into the living area.

The mudroom serves as more than a boundary for keeping your house clean. If well-designed, it adds value to your home and provides extra storage and other features that suit your family’s needs.

Update Your Basement

If you have a basement space, consider turning it into an organised storage area. Many people who have basements simply stuff things inside them, making them messy and cluttered.

You can make your area appear more spacious by building a few closets. These spaces are useful for storing items you infrequently use, leaving enough room for regularly used things in the main house.

Why Do People Pay More for Extra Storage?

Most people consider storage to be a crucial aspect when shopping for a new home. It’s understandable, as attractiveness and modernity don’t matter if you have nowhere to put all your belongings. Moreover, working or staying in a cramped area is dull and reduces productivity.

Additionally, many people would rather have practical storage than a big backyard. Storage is increasingly a much sought-after aspect of homes, like ensuites and modern kitchens. 

Final Words

You don’t need a huge house to enjoy spaciousness – instead, you need to make the most of what you have. The tips above can make your home more appealing to prospective buyers and boost its perceived value.

If you want high-quality and durable storage units, contact Betta Wardrobes today. Our team will guide you on what’s best for your home with products that are engineered to last many years.

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