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How To Choose Between Framed and Frameless Sliding Shower Screens

Bathroom with porcelain washbasin

Upgrading your bathroom might be an undertaking you have put off for years. Despite being annoyed at outdated tiles and that small sink every day, you know that plumbing changes for nicer fixtures and the hours of paid labour needed to go into retiling will likely blow your current budget.

Just like kitchen renovations, remodelling a bathroom often turns into a lengthy and costly project, putting your household to a temporary halt. But don’t worry. There is a simple way to give your bathroom a fresh look without having to overhaul the entire space completely. The answer is space-saving, modern sliding shower screens. Replacing your outdated shower screen can give your bathroom a touch of elegance and a sophisticated look for years while also adding to the resale value of your home.

But before you contact Betta Wardrobes and ShowerScreens installation service to request a free measure and quote, you should consider the pros and cons of framed and frameless sliding shower screens to decide which option and budget best suits your bathroom makeover.

Frameless Sliding Shower Screens

Frameless shower screens feature movable panes of toughened safety glass, typically ranging from 6mm to 12mm in thickness. The polished edges of the panes can be aligned seamlessly with the walls, held in place using a mechanism of tracks and wheels to move the door along.

The screens come in a variety of stylish shower door handle designs and offer great value, especially for smaller bathrooms. Compared to traditional hinge shower screens, you do not need extra room for the door when entering the shower.


–           Create a sleek, sophisticated look that appeals to most potential buyers and can help boost property values

–           Easier to maintain and keep clean as there are no frame edges or corners for dirt to accumulate

–        Less risk of corrosion compared to aluminium frames

–        Offer versatility in customisation, with options for etching, frosting or tinting the glass

–        Thicker glass panels make them a more durable and long-lasting shower screen choice


–        Tend to be significantly more expensive than framed options

–        Require heavier glass panels, making the installation more complicated and costly

–           Increased vulnerability to potential leaks, especially at the corners, due to the lack of a surrounding frame

Framed Sliding Shower Screens

Just as the name suggests, these shower screens have glass panes edged with an aluminium frame that is magnetically sealed and runs all around the enclosure, including the door. While these screens may not look as elegant and sleek as their frameless counterparts, they are still attractive and stylish and an effective way to make a bathroom look more polished.


–          A highly affordable bathroom upgrade, making them ideal for budget-conscious homeowners in Australia

–        Relatively easy to clean and maintain, even with the added frame component

–           Available in a wide variety of frame colour options to complement the bathroom’s decor

–        Still provide a modern, desirable look that can appeal to property buyers

–           The framed design often results in a better sealed enclosure, reducing the risk of water leaks


–           While still an upgrade from older shower curtains, a framed screen can appear slightly less sleek and sophisticated than a frameless alternative

–           The corners along the frame can be harder to keep completely clean compared to a frameless design

–           Aluminium frames used are vulnerable to corrosion over time, requiring occasional maintenance and repainting

Making a decision between those two shower screen models is not an easy one. But for those looking for a middle-ground option, semi-frameless shower screens offer a combination of the benefits of frameless and framed designs. All models are displayed in our eight showrooms across Sydney and Wollongong. Visit our website to find your nearest display centre.

More Bathroom Makeover Tips

If you wish to complement sliding shower screens in your bathroom makeover, here are three simple touches to complete the new look without breaking the bank.

Paint Bathroom Tiles

Did you know that you can paint over your dated tiles? While prep work is key, and the coats may need quite some time to dry, epoxy paint is a cost-effective option to breathe new life into your bathroom walls. Instead of retiling, this upgrade can even be done DIY. Determine your colour scheme for a cohesive look, and use lighter colours if you need to make a small bathroom bigger. You can also choose a primary colour for the walls and an accent colour for the cabinetry.

Upgrade the Lighting

Another simple option to let your new spa-like elements shine is installing new bathroom lighting. A well-lit bathroom can set the mood for a relaxing shower, further improving visibility for your morning routine and making the wet room a safer environment overall. Choosing the right fixtures and placement to complement your new shower screen is another way to transform your bathroom into a comfortable, functional and stylish space.

Simplify Storage

Decluttering your bathroom can make a small space look and feel much bigger. If you struggle to throw outdated sunscreens and half-empty bottles of mouthwash away, now is the time. Go through your medicine cabinet as well and look for expired over-the-counter drugs and leftover prescription medication from a previous illness. A decluttered and organised bathroom with easy access to essentials helps keep that fresh feeling and your space tidy.

Bathroom Makeover with Betta Wardrobes & ShowerScreens

How far you want to take your bathroom renovation and decide on framed or frameless sliding shower screens will depend on your preference, your overall bathroom’s aesthetic, and the budget available for bathroom makeover. Regardless of your design, proper professional installation and regular maintenance are key to ensuring years of functional and enjoyable use. 

Along with a variety of beautiful shower screens and a 5-year warranty, Betta Wardrobes & SchowerScreens offers custom installation and skilled consultants who will come to your home and help you choose the right model. Contact us today to find out how we can elevate your home.


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