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Will a Custom Wardrobe Increase the Value of Your Home?

A Custom Wardrobe Increase the Value of Your Home

Listing your home for sale puts it under scrutiny. Realtors and prospective buyers will examine every room in the house and the surrounding yard to determine if it’s worth the asking price. For this reason, you must install amenities and add-ons that make your property appealing to interested parties.

Most buyers want a home with adequate floor space, up-to-date furnishings, a window offering a panoramic view of the surroundings, and proper organisational space. Regarding organisation, nothing beats custom wardrobes.

So, how does a custom wardrobe …

8 Lighting Options for Your Wardrobe: Which is Best for Your Design?

8 Lighting Best Options for Your Wardrobe Design

A wardrobe is incomplete without good lighting. Choosing the right light fixture illuminates the dark corners, enhances accessibility, showcases the treasured belongings in your closet, and transforms the unit into a decorative masterpiece.

Whether you have a small hinged-door wardrobe or a spacious walk-in closet, these lighting options will light up your dressing area.

Stylish Chandeliers and Pendant Lights
Chandeliers and pendant lights offer more than illumination – they add elegance and beauty to any space. These statement pieces draw attention wherever they are with their unique …

7 Tips to Get Your Wardrobe Ready for the Summer Season

7 Tips to Get Your Wardrobe Ready for the Summer Season

Rotating the clothes in your wardrobe often signifies a season change. After donning heavy clothing during winter, we start wearing lighter garments during spring in readiness for summer.

When readying your closet for summer, it’s vital to get it right to avoid fashion chaos deep into the hot season. Here are our useful tips to get your wardrobe ready for summer.

Create Extra Space
When swapping your clothes for the upcoming season, be more decisive. Specifically, consider if you’re …

Why Choose a Built-In Wardrobe? Enjoy Added Safety and More

Choose a Built-In Wardrobe Enjoy Added Safety and More

Besides the bed, storage units are arguably the most crucial furniture in a bedroom. They keep your room organised, making it easier to find your desired outfit and contributing to better moods and quality sleep.

If you’re planning a home makeover, one of the top things to consider is choosing the proper storage solution. Although you have many options, most fall under two main categories – built-in or freestanding wardrobes.

Read on to discover more about the two and why built-in closets are the better choice.

What …

Our Top 7 Trending Bathroom Designs for 2022

Bathroom design tips

Having a beautiful and stylish bathroom can benefit your self-care routine and sense of wellbeing. After all, it’s the first place you go to after waking up and the last to visit before sleeping. If it’s up to the required standards, your bathroom guarantees ultimate relaxation and rejuvenates for the tasks ahead. 

However, many homeowners tend to overlook bathroom makeovers. Maybe it’s too expensive and time-consuming. Others consider it inconvenient, as bathrooms aren’t as glamorous as living rooms and other indoor spaces. …

The 6 Best Ways to Optimise Your Home Office Space

Best ways to optimise home office space

Since many of us spend most of our working hours seated at a desk, having the space functional yet stylish will save time and enhance your productivity. Your workspace should be stylishly creative and practical while providing a peaceful environment to focus on what needs to get done.

If you are looking to update your work space, simply adding unique accessories is a quick way to change things up. Here are some ways to optimise your workspace to make it fun and functional.
Ways to optimise your …

Organise Your Child’s Wardrobe With These 10 Easy Steps

Organise Your Childs Wardrobe With These 10 Easy Steps

Every parent’s dream is to have a clutter-free, always-in-order wardrobe in their kid’s room. But unfortunately, children are generally messy, and having a well-arranged room today will save you a hassle in the future.

The clutter in kids’ wardrobes makes it challenging to start the day, especially during hectic school mornings. In addition, finding necessary items in the chaos can frustrate both the parent and the child.

To ease your mind and save time getting everyone ready, spare a few hours every once in a while …

Which Clothes Hanger Should I Use? Everything You Need to Consider

cloth hanger

We rarely give much thought when shopping for clothes hangers. If a hanger looks good and is well priced, we’ll add it to the shopping cart. However, people in the apparel business know that clothes hangers come in different types to serve particular purposes.

Clothes hangers allow us to organise our clothes properly. Since purchasing readily available plastic packs at the local store is convenient, picking the cheapest pair is common. Some clothing stores will even allow you to take home the wire hanger you found on the display rack.

So, you …

Should I Hang or Fold My Clothes to Save Space in My Wardrobe?

Hang or Fold My Clothes to Save Space in My Wardrobe

Many people struggle with organising their clothes. Keeping your wardrobe in order is vital to save time and keep your bedroom presentable. But when it comes to putting your clothes away, is it better to hang certain garments and fold others? What is the most practical way to store underwear and accessories? And most importantly, what is the best way to save space in your wardrobe?

The type of clothing decides if it’s suitable for hanging or folding. Other …

Which Wardrobe Design is Best? The Advantages and Disadvantages

different wardrobes design

Nobody likes to be late to events, meetings or dates. However, if your clothes are disorganised, you’ll end up spending a lot of time searching for your desired outfit. Investing in a functional and practical wardrobe can make it easier to find what you what to wear. Besides saving you time, wardrobes also keep your bedroom neat and tidy. After all, walking into a messy bedroom after a long day is not something most people look forward to.

If you want to invest in a new addition to your bedroom, here …

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