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7 Tips to Get Your Wardrobe Ready for the Summer Season

7 Tips to Get Your Wardrobe Ready for the Summer Season

Rotating the clothes in your wardrobe often signifies a season change. After donning heavy clothing during winter, we start wearing lighter garments during spring in readiness for summer.

When readying your closet for summer, it’s vital to get it right to avoid fashion chaos deep into the hot season. Here are our useful tips to get your wardrobe ready for summer.


Create Extra Space

When swapping your clothes for the upcoming season, be more decisive. Specifically, consider if you’re going to wear a particular piece of clothing by recalling the last time you wore it. If you can’t remember, it might be time to pass it on. 

It does not make sense to take up space in your wardrobe with old and ill-fitting outfits. Repair the mendable before donation and discard the rest. This leaves enough space for clothes that fit and make you feel confident. 

You might find you’ve outgrown your wardrobe and need a redesign. If that’s the case, consider an update with a fresh built-in wardrobe, selecting sliding doors, hinges or mirrors. 


Wash Storage Items

Before storing your winter clothes, ensure they’re clean. Washing and stain-treating your cold-season garments keeps them in pristine condition and ready to wear when summer ends. Although it seems cumbersome and unnecessary, you’ll appreciate this move when winter finally arrives. 


Take Inventory of Your Summer Clothing

After storing your winter clothing, the next move is to take stock of your warm-season outfits. This should be easy, as you have already removed clutter and out-of-season garments.

As you go through your summer outfits, organise them towards the front of your wardrobe. Sleeveless shirts, t-shirts, light dresses, shorts, and pants should be closer to the front, while heavier winter garments go at the back. If your wardrobe is small, consider packing the clothes you won’t need in storage containers or bags.

Organising your clothes allows you to see if there’s anything you need to add. You can quickly scan through your warmer-season outfits to see if there’s anything you miss. 


Create a Wants and Needs List

Before shopping, it’s important to assess your wants and needs. Remember, one is more critical than the other. 

Creating a list of items you need and another Wish List of things you desire helps you to prioritise your shopping needs. It is much easier to stick to a budget if you know what you absolutely need before walking into a shop. 

Alternatively, you might discover you don’t need or want anything. This eliminates the urge to go shopping and the risk of impulse buying, helping you to save money. 


Get Your Best Outfits Ready

Once you remove clutter and winter clothes, take inventory, and list what you need or want, it’s time to prepare your best outfits. 

Choose clothes that look great on you, so you don’t need to waste time when dressing in the morning. For instance, if you prefer t-shirts to light cardigans, arrange more tees closer to the front. Consider the items that draw your attention and match them to create outfits that showcase your style.

It’s also helpful to create outfits for formal occasions and try to wear every piece of summer clothing you own. Remember, if it doesn’t feel comfortable to wear, it probably shouldn’t be in your closet. 


Get Some Inspiration

Since you know what you want and need, consider getting some style inspiration before you go shopping. 

Identify your fashion heroes. These are individuals whose sense of fashion appeals to you. They can be friends, celebs or fashion influencers. 

Another way to get inspiration is to scour fashion magazines. If you can’t access these, try Pinterest or Instagram. 


Go Shopping

You now have a wants and needs list and some style inspiration – there is nothing stopping you from shopping now! 

When shopping, pick standalone pieces and clothes that will work with what you already have to create full outfits. Some of our favourite wardrobe staples for the season include floral dresses, lightweight coats, versatile denim jackets, sandals, cross-body bags for carrying accessories, and a basket bag for carrying your beach gear. 


Additional Summer Wardrobe Tips

Here are some additional tips to consider when preparing for summer.

Prioritise Light Fabrics

During summer, prioritise breathable linen, fine cotton, seersucker, and other light fabrics. Wearing wool, cashmere, and other heavy garments is uncomfortable and creates a sweaty, smelly mess. 


Get a Good Deodorant

Besides wearing light fabrics, you also need a good deodorant to help deal with the unpleasant odours caused by excessive perspiration. Make sure you choose a high-quality product that doesn’t leave marks on your clothes. These marks are often invisible in winter since you don’t sweat much but, in summer, they can be on show. 


Buy Quality Shoes

Summers require a few essential shoes. A pair of loafers with a light sole blend well with casual and formal outfits. Look for high-quality dress-up leather shoes that are ideally a solid colour – like white or cream – so they match all outfits. Suede shoes are also a great investment, pairing with your favourite t-shirts, chinos and dresses. 


Buy Two Pairs of Sunglasses

It gets pretty sunny in summer, and the best way to protect your eyes is to wear sunglasses. These wearables also prevent sand from getting into your eyes when playing on the beach.

So, why two pairs? You’ll likely break one pair or leave it at the pool as you swim. It’s advisable to always have a backup pair in case that happens.


Final Words

Summer is about having fun and making fashion choices that ensure the heat doesn’t overwhelm you. Since it’s already here, start sorting out your wardrobe and making lists. When it peaks in December, nothing will inconvenience you!

At Betta Wardrobes, we have an assortment of wardrobes to suit your needs. Regardless of your budget, you’ll find an option that makes it easy to find your warm-season outfits. Contact us today for a quote.

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