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5 Ways You Can Save Space in Your Wardrobe

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For some of us, having a big wardrobe is just a dream and for other it is a reality. No matter what size wardrobe you have it can get messy and cluttered at times. This can make what should be a simple task of getting dressed, complicated really quick. There are several ways to create and save space in your hinged wardrobe, even when you own a million things.Β  Read on to find how you can save space in your wardrobe, which can lead to saving time getting dressed every day.

Create some room under your hanging clothes

Many wardrobes are designed to have hanging rods. However, this leaves a tremendous amount of room beneath the hanging clothes. You can easily utilise this space by adding a small dresser and a shoe rack. The small dresser can hold any excess items, and you can store your hats and jewellery at the top of the dresser. On the other hand, the shoe rack can then help to keep your shoes organized and out of site.

Get a clothing rack

When your wardrobe is feeling stuffy, there are probably clothing items that do not need to be there. These are clothing items that you frequently wear more often than other. When the seasons change have a box or vacuum storage bag and pack away your clothes you will not use that season. You will not only save a huge amount of space, but it will make your everyday life so much easier.

Install Shelf Dividers

If it seems like your wardrobe has a lot of blank space that is not being utilized properly, then why not add shelf dividers to store up folded clothes? It will be easier to find what you are looking for and at the same time your wardrove looks neat and tidy.

Get Modular Shelves

When it seems like your wardrobe might not be able to take on extra items, then it might be a great time to buy a modular shelve. These shelves are lightweight, dismountable and designed to conserve space. It will help you take advantage of any extra space in your bedroom the right way. Simply ensure that the modular shelf you get is in line with the theme for your bedroom and you are good to go.

Clean out your Closet

Sometimes, when your wardrobe appears full, the things that could be taking up most of the space could be items that you no longer need.Β  Most times, we tend to forget that we even own these items and they end up buried under a pile of other things that we find useful. As mentioned earlier, take out some time to clear out your wardrobe and see how much space you are able to create. You can even go further to give out items you no longer need to a friend or a local thrift shop.

Regardless, of how small your wardrobe might be, there will always be ways you can create space. You can start with the above-mentioned steps and watch how your wardrobe transforms into a better organized personal space. Make life easier and let the team at Betta do the hard work. Betta Wardobes has built-in wardrobes to suit your budget & lifestyle. Contemporary designs including mirrors , sliding & hinged wardrobe.

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