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Organisation Tips for Managing a Busy Household

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Keeping a home tidy and organised can be a challenge for busy Australian households. As days fill up with work and other commitments, household to-dos often fall by the wayside, and before you know it, clutter has taken over, things get lost in the chaos, and precious weekends disappear trying to catch up.

But keeping an organised household does not need to be such an ordeal. With simple techniques and storage solutions, you can bring even the messiest home into shape – no major time commitments are required. In this article, we share practical household organisation tips tailored for hectic households.

Start By Clearing Out the Clutter

The first step to taming household disorder is tackling excess belongings. Go through each room, categorising items as:

  1. Keep, donate/sell or trash.
  2. Be ruthless.
  3. If you don’t need it, don’t use it or don’t love it, get rid of it.

Removing unnecessary items creates physical and mental space to build better organisational habits and storage solutions. It also prevents precious storage areas from becoming crammed with stuff you don’t want or need.

Invest in Tailored Storage Furniture

Well-designed storage furniture helps corral the chaos inevitable in busy homes. The right built-in cabinets, shelving units and fitted pieces allow you to stow items neatly while keeping them easily accessible when needed. Here is what you could consider to put an end to a messy home:

Fitted Wardrobes  

A custom-designed fitted wardrobe is the ultimate clothing storage solution. With flexible configurations to suit your unique space and storage requirements, such tailored wardrobes enable you to hang, fold and stash garments and accessories until you need to get ready. Cleverly integrated features like pull-out shelves, drawers and hanging spaces banish messy piles of clothes and overstuffed closets.  

Bookcases and Shelving Units

Open shelving and bookcases provide handy homes for the myriad of items that accumulate in homes. Group books, collectables and kids’ toys on shelves to keep them up off the floor and away from underfoot. Label shelves to help family members put things back in the right spot. For media storage, look for units with enclosed cabinets to neatly tuck away gaming consoles, DVD collections and tangled cables.

Tailored Home Office Furniture

For households juggling work and study commitments, a well-fitted home office is a must for containing paper trails and computer clutter. Custom built-in office furniture, like corner desks, maximises every centimetre of space with storage features such as file drawers, shelving, pinboards, and media cabinets to house electronics and accessories. Pigeon hole units and roll-top desks keep paperwork and other office supplies sorted but easily accessible. 

Utilise Baskets and Storage Boxes

Available in an array of shapes, sizes and finishes, the humble storage basket is the workhorse of an organised household. Use them throughout the house – in play areas, pantries, bathrooms, and more – to corral toys, crafting supplies, condiments and everything in between. Clear, lidded bins allow a birds-eye view of contents without having to unpack, while mesh and fabric baskets enable airflow. Look for stacking and nesting products to optimise storage.  

Make the Most of Wall Space

Wall space is great for storage. Make the most of vertical space by mounting rail systems, floating ledges, magazine files, pegboards and wall cubes precisely where you need them. Displays that allow visibility of contents help avoid “out of sight, out of mind” messiness. Consider mounting calendars, message boards and chore charts in high-traffic areas like exits, hallways and kitchens.   

Zone Spaces by Activity

Think about how different members of the household use areas throughout your home and tailor storage solutions to match. Map out designated zones for working, playing, cooking, etc, based on routines and habits – then organise furniture and accessories accordingly. Customised play tables and toy cubbies in kids’ rooms, media units in family spaces and fitted kitchen cabinetry help optimise function and efficiency. Pay special attention to high-traffic areas like entrances, kitchens and laundries.  

Utilise Vertical & Hidden Storage

With premium square footage in family homes, use vertical and concealed storage. High-mounted shelves, wall units and garage racks keep lesser-used items like holiday decorations and sports gear up and out of the way, freeing up lower storage real estate for everyday essentials. Lower cupboards with doors, baskets under beds & tables, and drawer organisers also provide extra storage for shoes, toys, craft supplies and more. 

Maintain with Regular Purges  

Schedule biannual purges to prevent chaos from taking over again. Seasonal transitions when swapping over wardrobes and taking stock for a new school year are good times for an overhaul. Sort problem areas with fresh eyes, and save time with another thorough declutter by regularly revisiting storage solutions to ensure they still work for your organised household’s needs and repair or replace any tired-looking storage furniture and accessories. 

Staying on top of clutter is an ongoing process. Still, with some dedicated time, discipline, and clever custom storage solutions, achieving the tidy home you have always dreamt of is possible – even amidst the daily chaos of your life. Contact the experts at Betta Wardrobes today to get started on your clutter-free home.

How Betta Wardrobes Can Help

An organised household starts with a solid storage strategy tailored to your space and lifestyle. As specialist designers and creators of custom storage furniture and fittings, Betta Wardrobes understands the trials of busy family living. From start to finish, we handle everything to design the perfect storage solutions for your household. Starting with an in-home consultation, we assess how you use interior space before our expert craftsmen bring designs to life.

Get in touch with our friendly team to book a home consultation. We would love to hear about how you use your space and discuss ideas for fitted storage like wardrobes, shelving, media units and wall systems to streamline things for your household. Call us at 1300 662 966 or enquire through our website to arrange an obligation-free quote.

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