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How Custom Wardrobes Can Help You Achieve Minimalism

A minimalist lifestyle suits people who want simple lives with few possessions. Ideally, the focus is on owning what is necessary and serves a purpose. Installing a hinged wardrobe design will help declutter your home and life to find joy in what you love. 

Discover how custom wardrobes can help you achieve minimalism in your home and life.

Understanding Custom Wardrobes

When a wardrobe is designed to fit into the available space, it is built to adapt to your needs. Therefore, a custom wardrobe is built-in to fit while saving space and maximising your storage needs. They can be as tall and wide as you want, as professional installers work with any measurements you want.

If you have space, a hinged wardrobe design is one of the best options. Custom-hinged wardrobes can help you embrace a minimalist closet, and their elegant design also complements a contemporary lifestyle. The best way to achieve this is to keep it plain and simple. Embrace neutral colours and patterns while still maintaining your unique lifestyle and preferences.

What Is A Hinged Wardrobe?

A hinged wardrobe has doors attached to the frame to see its entire contents when open. While they may appear large or traditional, a modern hinged wardrobe design for minimalists is built to hold necessities. Their design also has a contemporary look and feel that blends in with the rest of the room’s decor.

Hinged wardrobe features, especially custom closets, include unusual-shaped doors in rooms with sloped roofs or beneath the stairs. The door finishes and colour options are limitless for fitted wardrobe designs. You can match them to your floor, kitchen cabinets, or the rest of the doors in the house for a clean look. 

Advantages Of Hinged Wardrobes

One of the benefits of choosing a hinged wardrobe design for your home is that it has enough space for your selection of clothes. Once you open the doors, all your items are visible and within reach, making your morning dressing routine simpler. 

Another advantage of custom wardrobes is that you can have hooks on the doors for accessories, while shelves allow you to store shoes. As a result, every item you need and love is in one space, minimising clutter.

Lastly, maintenance of a hinged wardrobe design is simple. The door parts are easy to find and replace at an affordable cost. Cleaning is also convenient, as you only need to open the doors to access every part of the closet.

Modern hinged wardrobe designs are also versatile to meet every client’s needs. For instance, if your space allows, installers can manufacture a folding door instead of the standard one. 

Tips For Organising A Hinged Wardrobe Design To Achieve Minimalism

With custom-hinged wardrobes, maintaining a minimalist closet is possible and will improve your life. Besides deciding what to wear easily, a clutter-free wardrobe leads to a clearer mind and improves productivity. 

If you want to simplify your life, here are a few tips on organising a hinged wardrobe design.

  • Before you install a custom hinged closet, ensure it will be the perfect proportions to fit your few clothes.
  • Choose an ultra-modern design that will blend in with your minimalist furniture and decor.
  • Ask the installer to add a mix of shelves, hanging lines, and hooks to incorporate all your necessities. 
  • Consider having a mirror on one of the doors for practicality and brightening of the room.
  • Arrange your clothes appropriately, with daily wear easily accessible and a few season clothes at the back of the closet.

Ways To Create A Minimalist Wardrobe

Now that you have successfully built a custom wardrobe design, a few steps exist to achieve minimalism. Having less clothing means saving money and making laundry days easy.

  1. Make a List

Look at the clothing in the wardrobe, and accept that you have more than enough. You have probably not worn it all year, while others once or twice. Remove everything from the closet and make a list.

  1. Choose necessities

Pick what is a must-have, including shoes and accessories, depending on your style. However, ensure you have enough clothes for every season or choose those you can wear throughout the year.

  1. Rearrange the wardrobe

A hinged wardrobe has plenty of room, and there is the possibility that it may appear empty. Do not worry. A minimalist wardrobe is clutter free, no matter the size. Arrange back the clothes you are most comfortable with. In addition, consider sticking to single pieces, especially for handbags, winter coats, and colour-coded shoes.

  1. Embrace regular decluttering

Once you begin a minimalist lifestyle, you must embrace constant decluttering. For your closet, consider removing an item for every new one you purchase. Apart from keeping you accountable, you will have an organised wardrobe all year round.

  1. Set a budget

Buying clothes may be rewarding, but you can limit your spending. Decide how much you can splurge on purchasing new clothes and stick to it. Alternatively, you can consider borrowing some clothing pieces when necessary. For instance, special events attire for hire, such as suits and gowns, are available in various local stores.

  1. Consider quality over quantity

Every time you go shopping for clothes, pick quality material items. Although they may be costly, they are durable and easier to maintain. Furthermore, stay away from fashion trends as they always end up as clutter.

  1. Donate or Discard

While creating piles of unworn clothes is simple, removing what is unnecessary can be challenging. Take your time to create a donate or discard inventory. When it becomes a habit, you can regularly donate to those in need in the community while embracing a new way of life.


Custom wardrobes can help you achieve minimalism as they are built to suit your lifestyle and layout preference. Although functionality and versatility are just a few advantages of hinged wardrobes, you will gain more from this worthwhile investment. It is a new-age lifestyle that appears initially costly but saves you money in every possible way in the long run. 

If you want the best custom-hinged wardrobe design, contact Betta Wardrobes today. Besides manufacturing and installing classic quality products, we always guarantee value for money. 

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