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Transforming Your Sliding Door Wardrobe to Suit Your Space (Customisation Hacks)

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Customised wardrobes are one of the best storage solutions out there. They keep your belongings neat and tidy while taking up minimal floor space, and when well-designed and installed correctly, a sliding door wardrobe seamlessly blends into your interior. At Betta Wardrobes, we understand that every home and family is different, and your storage needs likely change over time. What worked when you first moved in may now feel inadequate. Thus, we have put together ten clever custom and design hacks to transform tired old sliding door wardrobes by adding extra storage, better lighting, and making items more accessible.

Hack #1: Insert Pull-Out Drawers

One of the best sliding door wardrobe hacks is upgrading to pull-out drawers for easy access to contents that might otherwise get buried at the back. Drawers are great for storing folded items like t-shirts, underwear, pyjamas and shorts. No more rummaging! Our craftsmen advise drawers on smooth steel runners that allow them to slide in and out with ease. 

Tip: Position frequently worn items in higher drawers so they are easy to access. Reserve lower drawers for off-season clothing. 

Hack #2: Add a Shoe Storage Unit

Are you struggling with shoes falling off shelves or a messy pile of sneakers on the floor? Many people forget that the base of a wardrobe is prime real estate for storage! Make use of this dead space by installing a shoe storage unit.

Shoe organisers with pull-out shelves are fantastic sliding door wardrobe customisation hacks. Pop your slippers, sneakers, work shoes and other footwear on the shelves to keep them organised. For added storage, opt for a unit with a front flap to conceal shoe clutter.

Hack #3: Optimise With Shelves & Rails

Take a good look at the existing shelves and hanging space in your sliding door wardrobe, as some simple upgrades can optimise storage space.

Firstly, ensure shelves are positioned at various heights to cater to different items. For example, keep trousers and longer items on longer, lower shelves. Shorter shelves up top are perfect for folded knits and tee stacks. Hooks on the inside of doors are handy for purses and caps. Upgrade hanging rails to stainless steel for a sleeker look and smoother gliding. 

Hack #4: Create a Dedicated Accessory Station

Another favourite hack is building a dedicated station for all your accessories. This ensures jewellery, watches, sunglasses, scarves, and other small items have a place of their own. Use vertical space inside the wardrobe by attaching an accessory unit with handy organisation features like:

  • Hooks for necklaces & scarves
  • Shelves for sunglasses & watches
  • Drawers for rings, earrings & bangles
  • Hanging strips for caps & bags

Hack #5: Increase Accessible Hanging Space

A standard sliding door wardrobe usually has a fixed centre hanging rail with storage shelving on either side. While this traditional design works, it isn’t always the most efficient use of available space. Creating separate hanging sections gives you more usable space. For example, replace the single centre rail with double horizontal rails. You can then hang clothes on both sides of the wardrobe. This sliding door wardrobe hack doubles your accessible hanging room!

Hack #6: Upgrade Inner Wardrobe Lighting

Trying to pick an outfit is frustrating when you can’t see inside your sliding door wardrobe! Dark corners and shadows make it impossible to view (and use) everything stored there. Poor lighting also contributes to a cluttered, messy look.

Upgrading the lighting inside your wardrobe is an easy customisation. Replace existing downlights with bright, energy-saving LED strip lighting and position the strips to cast light across shelves, into corners and over rails.  

Hack #7: Add Mirrors Inside & Out

Who doesn’t love a mirror inside their wardrobe to check outfits? Mirrored sliding doors also serve several clever functions, as they visually enlarge small rooms by reflecting light and space. Floor-to-ceiling mirrored fronts give a beautiful streamlined look, too. 

Position a full-length mirror on the back wall or add smaller panels inside doors and on adjustable shelves. Being able to view outfits from all angles helps pull pieces together when dressing.  

Hack #8: Conceal Contents with Sliding Door Fronts

Replacing old doors with sleek new sliding versions transforms the entire look of your old wardrobe. The streamlined front conceals contents and gives a neater, built-in style appearance. For a seamless, custom feel, opt for semi-frameless designs with minimal edges and match the sliding door fronts to existing joinery for a coordinated look. 

Hack #9: Install Floor to Ceiling Design

Want your new sliding door wardrobe to look like a premium custom fitout? Simple – make it floor to ceiling! Having cabinets built from the floor to the ceiling makes the system appear seamlessly integrated, as the streamlined front achieves the ultimate built-in look. Maximise the impact by adding mirrored or coloured glass sliding doors for a touch of sophistication.

Hack #10: Incorporate Drawers & Shelves

For the ultimate sliding door wardrobe customisation hack, incorporate other storage elements like shelves and drawers to break up the front exterior so doors don’t dominate. The varied texture and light reflection make an integrated wall-to-wall system more appealing. Include a mixture of closed cabinets and open shelving along the sides or top. Contrast open and concealed storage while maintaining a cohesive appearance. 

Transform Your Wardrobe Today!

Use these brilliant customisation hacks as inspiration when transforming your old sliding door wardrobe. A wardrobe should adapt to your household’s changing needs, and simple upgrades like new fronts, added drawers, and lighting makeovers breathe new life into tired storage. 

With over 40 years of industry experience, Betta Wardrobes create stunning custom-designed wardrobe solutions for Australian homes. From sliding door fronts to fully fitted walk-in wardrobes, every one of our projects is individually crafted to match personal style and storage requirements and is backed by an incredible 15-year materials and construction guarantee. 

Ready to realise your dream sliding door wardrobe? Contact Betta Wardrobes today via our online form or visit our website for more stunning photos of completed work.

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