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Sliding Wardrobe Doors For Small Bedrooms: Optimising Space In Cosy Areas

Sliding Wardrobe Doors For Small Bedrooms | Betta Wardrobes

Opting for sliding wardrobe doors can significantly benefit the overall space of your home if you have small or cozy areas. When determining what wardrobe door is best for your home, consider sliding wardrobe doors, as they boast a huge list of benefits. 

Potentially the biggest space saver available on the market, sliding wardrobe doors are the secret to optimising a small area. In most homes, undertaking renovations to knock out walls and expand space isn’t usually the first option, so increasing storage through sliding wardrobe doors is a great place to start. 

For anyone who has ever tried to stuff a closet full of clothes because you just didn’t have the room, you’ll know how frustrating it is when you’re trying to get dressed in the morning, and you can’t find those jeans you’ve been searching for. No matter how big or small your house is, optimising your space is key to making sure you get the most out of your home. 

Why are sliding wardrobe doors the best pick for a small space? 

Here at Betta Wardrobes, we’ve seen a huge range of wardrobe styles come in and out of fashion over the years. However, what’s remained the same is the space-saving nature of sliding wardrobe doors. We’ve listed below just a few reasons why sliding wardrobe doors are the best solution for cosy spaces. 


Sliding wardrobe doors are not only fantastic for small spaces, but they’re great for taking advantage of vertical storage options. This is something that people who are organising their homes can easily forget about. They do not realise how much space they truly have. Due to the sizable nature of sliding wardrobe doors reaching the ceiling in a room, they provide concealed storage options. This is a great opportunity to stow away any storage tubs, bins, or even vacuum-packed clothing to save on space.

Depending on your wardrobe configuration, incorporating accessories can be a practical choice. This is an ideal option for those with a lot of business and dress shirts. An easy and smooth pull-down hanging rack makes getting dressed and storing clothes easy and gives you a clear space below your hanging shirts. This functional feature adds convenience and enhances the overall appeal of your wardrobe.

Space saving 

Unlike other wardrobe options, such as hinged wardrobe designs, sliding wardrobe doors retract behind each other. With hinge wardrobe designs, the doors come outwards, taking up additional space. Not only do they take up less space in the room, but also floor space. Floor space is prime real estate when you’re in a small room, so, for example, having a laundry basket next to your wardrobe is doable with sliding wardrobe doors. 

Add mirrors to increase the perception of the small space 

If you feel like your space is struggling to appear big and open, then sliding wardrobe doors with mirrors can be exactly what you need. At Betta Wardrobes, our sliding wardrobe mirror doors are made with safety glass and are vinyl backed to ensure their shatterproof. 

Due to their reflective nature, mirrors give the illusion that a space is bigger than it actually is. From this, small, cosy spaces can open up and become expansive. This works even better when positioned directly across from a window. 


If you are looking for a contemporary, modern and sleek look in your home, then the addition of sliding wardrobe doors will undoubtedly deliver. Sliding wardrobe doors have the ability to blend seamlessly into any space, something that’s incredibly beneficial when you’re considering aesthetics. 

Whether you prefer a minimalist design, bold colours, or intricate patterns, we can assist you in selecting the ideal sliding wardrobe doors that reflect your personal taste and enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of your living space. 

Due to the customisable nature of Betta Wardrobe, our team can assist you in finding a style that compliments your home.

Other alternatives to optimising a cosy space

Depending on the configuration of your home or space, other wardrobe alternatives may be a better solution. However, to make the most of your space, there are plenty of other things you can do to optimise a small and cosy space. 


Getting and remaining organised is potentially one of the biggest differences that a space in your home can take on. How you organise your space and clothing will be up to you. However, you first want to start by taking the time to declutter your closet and donate anything you no longer need or wear. Then go through and discover a solution that works best for your clothes, whether you prefer to fold your laundry or hang items. If you’re looking to get organised and truly make a difference, then follow Marie Kondo’s Kon Mari method. This is a great, tried, and true place to get started on your organisation journey for your small space. 

Custom wardrobes

If you’re serious about utilising all of the space in your home, then a custom wardrobe may be the most effective solution. Custom wardrobes can still include the space saving nature of sliding wardrobe doors. However, they can be fitted with a range of customisations to suit your needs. Customisation in your home does much more than improve your space. Adding a custom wardrobe will increase the value of your home.  

Final Thoughts 

Here at Betta Wardrobes, we’re here to help you find a wardrobe solution that works best for you. With over 40 years of experience, we’re confident that we offer all of our customers high-quality products, all with a 15-year warranty. 

If you’re ready to take control of the cosy, lesser-used space in your home, get in touch with our friendly team. We’ll organise a consultation to find a solution that works for you. However, if you’re looking for some inspiration from the possibilities, read through our blogs and follow us on Instagram to stay up to date with the latest.

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