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Will a Custom Wardrobe Increase the Value of Your Home?

A Custom Wardrobe Increase the Value of Your Home

Listing your home for sale puts it under scrutiny. Realtors and prospective buyers will examine every room in the house and the surrounding yard to determine if it’s worth the asking price. For this reason, you must install amenities and add-ons that make your property appealing to interested parties.

Most buyers want a home with adequate floor space, up-to-date furnishings, a window offering a panoramic view of the surroundings, and proper organisational space. Regarding organisation, nothing beats custom wardrobes.

So, how does a custom wardrobe increase your home’s value?


It Makes Staging Easier

Home staging improves your property to make it more appealing to potential buyers. It involves de-personalising the space, removing bulky furniture, adopting neutral colour palettes, etc. Doing these tasks clears the house and allows buyers to envisage their belongings in the room.

Many homeowners realise they have too much clutter and personal items during home staging. If you have standard storage options, you’ll likely stash the extra clothing in a corner, under the bed storage or in the garage, creating visual clutter that turns away interested parties. Alternatively, you can pay for third-party storage, but this is uneconomical if your items can’t fill the storage area.

Custom closets are often spacious and have enough room for stashing your items. Besides keeping the bedroom neat, it shows prospective owners you have adequate storage space for keeping the things you don’t use regularly.


It Increases Your Home’s Visual Appeal

Prospective buyers find clean homes more attractive than filthy ones. The same applies to storage spaces. Most people like a roomy closet that keeps clothes tidy. A crammed wardrobe is undesirable because it wrinkles clothes, forcing you to iron or get extremely creative with the way you store items.

Additionally, organised closets allow buyers to see the available space and whether it suits their storage needs. People have unique preferences, some like spacious walk-in closets and others small, reach-in wardrobes. Nonetheless, a tidy wardrobe makes a home more liveable, prompting the buyers to match your asking price.

Also, tidiness shows the value you place on your property. It gives the impression of attention to detail. Buyers will believe most amenities are pristine if you’re willing to focus on minor details like closet maintenance. As a result, they’ll be more likely to pay what you ask.


It Creates the Illusion of Space

Although it doesn’t add to the existing floor space, a custom wardrobe creates the illusion of space. An organised closet tricks the buyer into believing the house is big and spacious. Remember, you can design custom units so they occupy an entire room’s height from the floor to the ceiling. Custom designs are also ideal for awkward spaces, where they use every square inch available.

You can further accentuate the illusion of space by adding hooks, hangers, nooks, shelves, drawers, and racks to your custom closet. Adding multiple storage options might appear cluttering, but it increases productivity and functionality, which buyers find appealing.


It Qualifies Unoccupied Rooms as Bedrooms

If you check real estate listings, you’ll notice the number of bedrooms affects property value. This is because buyers are willing to spend more money on additional bedrooms. Why? Some people want to start families and need extra bedrooms for their future kids. Others wish to have spare bedrooms to serve as guest rooms or even home offices.

Every property has a defined number of bedrooms, and you probably think adding more is impossible without erecting new structures. You don’t; with creativity, you can ‘convert’ unused spaces into ‘bedrooms.’

Installing custom wardrobes in unoccupied rooms in your house can qualify it as an extra ‘bedroom.’ This allows you to market your house as a 5-bedroom property if it previously had four. More bedrooms mean a higher asking price and increased interest in your home.


It Signifies Good Maintenance

When you purchase a home from another person, it is challenging to determine if they maintained it properly. Inspection can rule out significant issues like roof leaks, faulty wiring and neglected plumbing issues, but you have to use the amenities for an extended period to detect minor problems. Since it’s impossible to live in a house without paying, buyers usually look for signs of good maintenance when shopping for new properties.

Optional upgrades such as custom wardrobes often signify proper maintenance. It is improbable that a homeowner would make an ‘unnecessary’ addition like a custom closet without perfecting the basics. This rule applies to properties with other cosmetic features like granite countertops, spa-like bathrooms, etc. Many consider them secondary needs, meaning primary needs are already catered to when you see them.


It Adds a Sense of Luxury

As mentioned above, many buyers perceive custom wardrobes as a luxurious addition. When they spot a home within their budget with such features, they will likely match the asking price before it becomes a bidding war.

Custom built-in wardrobes vary in cost, depending on floor space and installed features. A custom closet evokes a luxurious feel that isn’t available in budget homes with cheap freestanding wardrobes.


Wrapping Up

To sell your home quickly and get the correct value, you must make it better than the competition. Outdo standard listings and get the best offer possible by adding a luxurious and valuable feature like a custom closet. Although it makes the property pricey, buyers will pay because it adds functionality and value. If you’re lucky, you’ll have multiple offers or even a bidding war!

Betta Wardrobes is an Australian company specialising in custom and readymade storage solutions. Contact us today for a quote on any of our products and get advice on the best custom wardrobe to boost your property’s value.


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