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The Benefit Of Custom Closets In Small Rooms

Custom Closets In Small Rooms - Betta Wardrobes

Small rooms present unique challenges when utilising space. But that does not mean a room should remain disorganised with clutter. Opting for custom closets can elevate functionality and aesthetics while providing a personalised storage experience in small areas.

Investing in custom closets is highly beneficial, and in this article, we will explore the various reasons why.

The Benefits of Custom Closets

  • 1. It keeps the room neat

Before building your custom wardrobe, a designer will visit your home and take note of the space you have and the items you want to stow away. Following that, the design for the cabinet will be decided, and ad-ons such as compartments, drawers, and hanging rods will be added to ensure everything finds its place.

Such an organisation where every item has its designated storage place ensures everything stays where it belongs, so the living space is always clutter-free. This orderliness is important for small rooms where clutter makes the area look cramped and messy.

  • 2. They save time

With the organised space that fitted custom wardrobes come with, and all items well arranged, visible, and accessible, one does not have to waste precious time foraging through a closet looking for various possessions. When putting an outfit together, especially when short on time, picking all the items needed to create that unique look for the day becomes easy.

  • 3. No more stress

A small, disorganised room can feel overwhelming, certainly no place to feel rested after a long day. Built-in wardrobes keep a space free of chaos; one can find peace in such pleasant surroundings. A room with a custom closet will come across as airy, open, and inviting.

Imagine the convenience of finding untangled necklaces when you need them and all the jewellery well organised in a special drawer. Thanks to the organised storage space, all the stress of locating a specific tie or pair of sandals is gone in a flash.

Organising the closet into sections for different items, such as keeping casual wear separate from workpieces, is possible.

  • 4. Custom closets expand storage space

If less is more, it certainly is with fitted wardrobes for small rooms. The idea behind designing such bespoke storage space is to take advantage of all the available space in the closet.

Adding storage options such as double hanging rods, scarf racks, shelves, drawers, and cubbies allows the utilisation of all the space.

One reason a regular builder-grade wardrobe feels inadequate is the poor use of space, as it is not customised for specific needs.Β 

Installing a mirror in the closet, like on a door, adds to the utility of the closet so that there is no need to look around the room for some additional unused space.

  • 5. They reduce the costs of renovation

Sometimes built-in wardrobes come as an afterthought when a property owner deems them necessary in the home. Installing them need not be expensive, especially when done as an upgrade. In the case of the space in a small room that will now allow for closet doors that swing open, sliding wardrobes solve the problem.

The closets take advantage of nooks or alcoves in the house, such as under a staircase, which saves the cost of creating space for their installation.

Consider the cost of alternative standard furniture for extra storage; you will find that installing a set of drawers in a built-in closet will actually cost less than purchasing standalone furniture for drawers. In addition, many varied designs are available for wardrobes, so one can choose one that offers value for money.

Finding the right balance between budget and needs is crucial. In this case, opting for a custom closet offers a valuable upgrade to your home without needing an extensive room redesign. Any remodelling or upgrade has a greater return on investment value due to reduced costs.

  • 6. They eliminate wasteful expenses

The savings are long-term; for instance, with all the closet’s contents being visible, it is easy to keep track of them. It is hard to make duplicate purchases by buying an item to find a similar one previously owned, which has eventually become hidden deep in a cramped closet.Β 

They also save money by ensuring that all items find their adequate and appropriate space and are not damaged by poor storage.

Imagine chinks on jewellery ripping delicate apparel like silk, and heavier items squishing designer accessories such as hats, handbags, or shoes just because of poor storage. Such a waste!Β 

In addition, cramped storage encourages mildew and mould, another cause of damaged items.

  • 7. They can brighten your area with the use of proper lighting

Sometimes the wrong use of lighting (or lack of it) can turn a closet into a dingy spot, a haven for household pests and mould. With bright light, arranging and finding things becomes more manageable and reduces the risk of damage to items by mould, moths, and other vermin. In addition, LED lighting in such spaces makes them feel functional and modern.

  • 8. Use custom-fitted wardrobes as a design feature

Custom closets can change the ambience and functionality of a room, as well as manage space usage. For example, creating built-in wardrobes by placing a chair by the closet, which can double up as a dressing table, can improve the functionality of a small room.

Installing special effects such as textured doors, lights in doorless closets, and using glass doors or doors with mirrors creates an illusion of space, enhancing the overall beauty of a small room. If the closet has open shelves, placing decorative pieces and artefacts can give the room a touch of class.

The Place of Custom Closets in a Modern Home

Custom closets enhance the proper usage of space and the interior style of a home with small rooms. Working with a designer helps create unique upgrades that show a home is well-loved.

Consult Betta Wardrobes, the leading custom closet builders, for bespoke and thoughtful storage solutions for small rooms. We will guide you to settle on the ideal wardrobe for your space.

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