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The Top 5 Space-saving Ideas for Small Wardrobes

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If you’re a fan of lifestyle TV shows, you probably admire the vast and spacious wardrobes you see in the bedrooms of the rich and famous. Unfortunately, we don’t all have the financial ability to install a custom built in wardrobe in our homes. Don’t let this be a discouragement – with the tips mentioned in this article, you can make the most out of your small closet.

Here are some of the best space-saving ideas for small wardrobes.

Dispose of old clothes and those that don’t fit anymore

The first step to optimising space is de-cluttering.  First, remove old clothes that are either worn out or out of fashion. Then, focus on the clothes that no longer fit.

For older clothes, donate them to local charities. If you’re finding it hard to throw away smaller sizes because they inspire you to lose weight, consider storing them in a separate place, such as a suitcase stored under the bed or on a top shelf.

Use Floor Space

A lot of space in closets goes to waste because they’re left unutilised. The floor space is a good example of this.

If your wardrobe has full-height hangers, you can partially use the floor space beneath. For those with short clothes on their hangers, you can easily use all the floor space. Depending on what you want to store, add baskets, boxes, small shelves, or a shoe rack.

Invest in Shelf Dividers

If your wardrobe has a shelf with a lot of height, you’re likely piling up your items to make the most of space. While this sounds smart theoretically, it usually results in a mess in practice. For example, when you pull out a pair of jeans in the middle of the pile, the clothes on top will fall over.

The solution to this problem is investing in shelf dividers. These will make your closet more organised, and you won’t have a hard time when retrieving your preferred outfit.

Install Task Lighting

When your closet is cramped, it takes time to find the clothes you want to wear. The situation is made worse by the fact that the wardrobe is dark inside. Fortunately, you can find a lasting solution by installing task lights.

Recessed lights are ideal if you don’t want to take up the vertical space. You can also add sconces on the side walls to enhance visibility when it’s dark.

Purchase an Extendable Wardrobe Rod

Do you know that you can add more space to your wardrobe by investing in an extendable wardrobe rod? This installation adds more hanging space to your closet since you can adjust its height depending on the size of clothes you want to store. For example, you can increase the height during winter to make space for longer coats.

Final Words

Organising a small wardrobe can be challenging, especially if you own a lot of accessories, clothes, and footwear. However, you can avoid creating an unsightly mess by following the tips mentioned in this article.

Lastly, remember to regularly dispose of the things you don’t need, as this is the primary reason why most closets look disorganised. Contact Betta Wardrobes for more tips and advice on finding the perfect built in wardrobe for your needs.

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