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Finding the Right Wardrobe for Your Needs

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Your home is your sacred space, and your bedroom is at the heart of it all. You want to design it exactly how you’d like it, with design and functionality fit to your needs.

These days, you can customise nearly everything about your home, including your storage spaces such as your wardrobes. There are endless possibilities for creating a look and feel that you love.

In this post, we’ll describe how to find the right wardrobe depending on your needs and preferences – read on to learn which type of wardrobe is best for you!

If you need to maximise space or storage, choose a sliding wardrobe.

It’s your home; customise it to fit your needs! With a built-in sliding wardrobe, you can design your own internal storage space – whether you need extra space for shoes, hanging items, blankets or all of the above.

If you’ve got the space, you can even combine all of these features to make your own walk-in wardrobe. Each sliding wardrobe is personalised to your specifications and offers a stylish place to tuck away all of your items.

If you need mirrors or want to make your room appear larger than it is, pick a mirrored wardrobe.

It’s a well-known secret among interior designers that you can use strategically placed mirrors to make a small room appear larger. Mirrors reflect light, so placing them across from a window is especially effective for this.

In terms of wardrobes, not only can mirrored wardrobes create this visual illusion, but they also add an extremely stylish and functional element to your room. You won’t need to hang mirrors on walls or doors since they’re built into your wardrobe.

Mirrored wardrobes are also extremely versatile. They can be used on sliding or hinged wardrobes, and they can be installed with or without a frame.

If you want easy access to your clothing and shoes, go with a hinged wardrobe.

If space isn’t a concern and you’d prefer to have better accessibility to the items inside, you should purchase a hinged wardrobes. They add an elegant look to any bedroom and shut quickly to conceal your personal items behind closed doors.

A hinged wardrobe is measured and designed to fit your specific dimensions. Even better, the doors and hardware can be customised to match the interior decoration style of your home.

If you want all of the above, design your own custom wardrobe.

Do you find yourself wanting a little bit of each different wardrobe described here? Work with your local custom wardrobes supplier to design a unique wardrobe that suits your style and storage preferences.

Design your own wardrobe to incorporate as many shoe racks, shelves, tie racks and hanging racks that you need, and enclose it all in a hinged or sliding style with mirrors or custom doors.

When it comes to wardrobes, you have many choices. With functional and fashionable options, your wardrobe can transform your entire bedroom into a stylish oasis. In Sydney, good style is always important – so make sure your wardrobe complements the rest of your well-designed decor.

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