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Trends in wardrobes to watch

Your bedroom, it’s a place for rest and relaxation, it’s a place we sleep in and store clothes, shoes and other items of apparel. The bedroom is the room we sleep in, but it’s also quite an *active* room as well, we spend a lot of time in there, sleeping, reading, watching TV, using electronic devices.

Whether you are a minimalist, a hoarder or somewhere in between a built-in wardrobe takes your bedroom to a whole new level.

When it comes to bringing your bedroom up to date most people think about purchasing a new bed or bedding and forget about the functional elements of the bedroom. No longer just an after-thought, built-in wardrobes come with a range of features and options to keep everything easily accessible, out of site and most importantly – organised.

Thanks to changes in wardrobe design and technology, when it comes to a built-in wardrobe, your options will be only limited by your own imagination.

Think about where it is you want your wardrobe to go. Consider the amount of space you have between the bed and the wardrobe if space is tight consider sliding doors, this way you’ll always have plenty of space when accessing your wardrobe. One of the trends to look for when laying out your wardrobe is to be able to maximise space, you achieve this by using a combination of drawers, shelving and hanging rails. You want everything to have its place, and to be easily accessible.

A custom-built wardrobe will improve the functionality of your bedroom and can even increase the value of your home if you are thinking of selling. If you have high ceilings, you can make the most of all that extra space by using high cabinetry and pull-down wardrobe rails to make clothes easier to reach.

Lighting inside your wardrobe is another trend to watch out for – from strip lighting to positioned LED downlighting. Lighting can be set to automatically turn on when you open the door.


Organising your built-in wardrobe

  • If you have shelving use baskets or boxes to keep things organised and hide a mess.
  • Throw out all your wire and plastic hangers and replace them with velvet or timber hangers. Your wardrobe will look stunning, and you won’t have those weird pointy edges on the shoulders of your clothes.
  • Get more storage space by adding hooks to the inside of doors to hang belts and necklaces; a towel rail is perfect for hanging scarves.

Built-in wardrobes are no longer an *afterthought* but an essential part of the bedroom that reflects your style and needs, it provides optimum use of space and brings functionality to your life.

Look for upcoming trends in finishing touches such as polished or matte brushed handles in traditional or contemporary styles, soft close drawers, adjustable shelving, accessories, board finishes and hardware to suit your individual needs.


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