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Hinged wardrobes VS sliding wardrobes

Planning some home improvements? Maybe you are sick of limited storage space for your clothes? You might be the type of person who fantasises about walk-ins, or the type that drapes your clothes over anything that will stand still long enough. Whichever segment you fall into, wardrobe functionality can have a huge effect on day to day living. Aside from your bed, they are also often the focal point of the room.

The nature, style, and condition of your wardrobes can influence the entire ambience of your living space. Kids instantly clean their rooms by shoving everything under the bed. Adults do it by piling all their stuff into the wardrobe and using their bodies to wedge the door shut. This doesn’t have to be the case. The right wardrobe not only keeps your room clean and tidy, but it also speeds up your work prep and can make it easier deciding what to wear.


Spacing and layout

Built-in wardrobes can have sliding doors or hinged doors. Your decision might be based on aesthetic preference, but it can also be a practical decision. Does your room have plenty of space to open the wardrobe doors comfortably, for example? If your space is tight, then opening those wardrobe doors essentially fills the room. Also, if your room has an angular design or if the wardrobes will be built into a corner, the doors might not open all the way. This limits your access to your wardrobe and makes your dressing process frustrating.

At the same time, sliding doors need space to slide into. So while they can resolve the problem of opening outwards, they still need to be installed in a way that they can slide. Our design experts here at Betta Wardrobes understand the choice may not be as simple as it seems, so we offer free site visits and unbilled quotes. We’ll come over and evaluate your space, advising you on the best styling, whether you’re refurbishing an existing wardrobe or building one from scratch.


Accessory options

Most wardrobe doors are at least 25mm thick. Behind that door, you want the wardrobe to be easy to explore and organise. Our 40 years of wardrobe installation have armed us with the best techniques to do this. All our pieces come with accessory options, and we’ll work with you to find what works.

We can install mirrors on both hinged and sliding doors. They’re backed with vinyl and carved from safety glass, making them shatterproof. We will also install your choice of shelves, drawers, racks, trays, and baskets. This makes it easier to store and sort through your clothes, reducing the stress of dressing. The last thing you want on a rushed, frazzled morning is a messy mass of clothing that makes it impossible to coordinate your outfit.

For a wide selection of both hinged and sliding wardrobes, call Betta Wardrobes today on 02 9525 7055.


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