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Tips for Designing a Walk-in Wardrobe

Walk-in wardrobes give you space and freedom to sort and display your clothes, jewellery and shoes in an excellent orderly fashion which it makes it easier to decide what to wear.

At Betta Wardrobes, we understand this, and in this post, we will give you some tips to maximise the design and functionality of your walk-in wardrobe.


Different Sections for Different Things

When it comes time to designing your walk-in wardrobe you need to consider how much space you have available and make the most it. Design your walk-in wardrobe with sections. You will need a section for hanging clothes, shoes, jewellery, and some additional drawers can be used to make use of excess space and help keep all your belongings more organised.

Of course, you will need a mirror and you have the options of either a sliding or hinged door mirror as part of your walk-in design or a mirror on the back of a hinged door.



Don’t forget about the lighting. A single bulb in the middle of the wardrobe just won’t cut it, so it’s best to use smaller bulbs and have more of them. There are also beautiful vanity mirrors on the market with magnification and inbuilt lights.


Shelving and Plenty of It

Once you have your hanging space sorted, plan your shelving. You should have adequate shelving for all your shoes and bit and bobs, belts, and hats. The more, the better and it will help keep your wardrobe from looking like the laundry floor.


Maximise the Real Estate

Space in your walk-in wardrobe is from floor to ground, so don’t be afraid to use all it – all you need is a little step-stool to get up the top. Install shelves all the way to the ceiling, so you are making the most of your space. Every little nook and cranny can be used for storage.


Do Your Research

When embarking on your walk-in wardrobe design adventure, browse the internet for inspiration and ideas, so you know what you want when it comes time to discuss options with the builder. Also, measure up the space and draw a rough floorplan of how you want it to look and where everything will go.

Designing your walk-in wardrobe can be a fun and exciting experience with amazing results. The luxury of having your dressing room will make you feel like a star. At Betta Wardrobes, we specialise in custom built wardrobes so when it comes time to get the job done don’t be afraid to pop in and speak to one of our consultants and they will happily help bring your dream wardrobe to fruition.

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