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Spring Wardrobe Makeover

Sliding Wardrobes

It’s officially springtime in Australia, and for many people, that means doing a good deal of decluttering and cleaning up around the house. It’s the perfect time to get your old, unused items out of the way and organise everything else.

If you’re interested in making some renovations to get more organised, a straightforward way to start is by installing a new wardrobe. Whether you need to tuck away clothes, shoes, household essentials, or other items, you can design a customised wardrobe that suits your specific storage needs.

Depending on the exact layout of your home, you may need a wardrobe with sliding doors if you don’t have much space. Or if you’d prefer to see everything in your wardrobe at once, you might opt for a hinged wardrobe. Either way, you have many options for designing the wardrobe that’s perfect for your individual needs.

In this article, we’ll share the benefits of three popular wardrobes and help you determine which one is right for your spring wardrobe makeover.

If you want easy internal access, install a hinged wardrobe

Perhaps you need frequent access to the items inside your wardrobe. Hinged wardrobes give you full visibility and allow you to quickly and easily grab what you need. This is particularly useful if you’re taking the same items in and out of your wardrobe each day (such as children’s toys). The handles and doors can be custom ordered to match the existing hardware in your home.

If you’re working with a smaller amount of space, buy a sliding wardrobe

Sliding wardrobes are perfect for rooms without a lot of space to open and close wardrobe doors. They can be tucked away into a corner and custom-designed to fit the available space in your bedroom. Many homeowners prefer sliding wardrobes because of their modern look and their ability to blend seamlessly into almost any room in your house.

If you want your room to seem larger than it is, go for a mirrored wardrobe

Chances are that if you’re installing a wardrobe, you need more space. If you want to maximise the area, consider installing a mirrored wardrobe. While these wardrobes don’t necessarily add more physical space than their counterparts, the mirrors create an illusion that opens up your room and makes it seem bigger than it is.

With any of these wardrobes, you can design it to your exact specifications. Manufacturers like Betta Wardrobes will create a wardrobe that fits your existing space and complements the design of your home.

We can also design the interior of the wardrobe to match your particular storage needs. For example, if you have a lot of ties, you could install a tie rack. Or if you need drawer space, you could custom build a set of drawers to contain your items.

If you’re located near Sydney and are considering updating your wardrobe, stop by your nearest Betta Wardrobes display centre. Our knowledgeable consultants will assist you to determine the right wardrobe for your budget and sense of style, all while maximising the space you have.

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