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Key Requirements for a Practical and Beautiful Guest Room

Guest Room

Your guest room should make your visitors feel welcome and warm – like a home away from home. We’ve compiled this helpful list of guest house essentials to up the comfort levels.

Clothes Iron

This usually overlooked item is a necessity as some guests don’t feel comfortable having to ask for access to an iron. It’s convenient for your guests if you put it in the room together with an ironing board for whenever they need to straighten out their wrinkled clothes. If space is an issue, you can improvise with options like:

Be sure to show your guests these nifty features when you are walking them around the room.

Charging ports, sockets, or extension cables

Provide your guests with an easy way to charge cellphones, tablets, cameras, and laptops. Make sure the charging area is easily accessible, so guests don’t have to push things around or crawl on the floor to use them. If your sockets are out of reach, use extension cords to provide your guests with more convenience.

Ensure the cords run along the walls and are held to the floor to minimise tripping risks. It’s also advisable to look for adapters that accommodate different plugs to cater to everyone.

Toiletries and cosmetics

When you’re entertaining guests, it’s always a nice touch to go the extra mile. Add toiletries and cosmetics to your list of essentials. Keep these in a permanent place in the guest room where they’ll be easily accessible.

Cosmetics help improve the room’s aesthetics and give the room an amazing scent. You should also include guest towels; even if your guests carry their own, they will likely appreciate the gesture.

Note: Try to find mild fragrances. Strong scents may not be agreeable with everyone.

Drink Options

Your guests will appreciate a cool glass of water on a hot day or a warm beverage when it’s cold. So provide your guests with as many options as your space will allow. Consider getting a small bar fridge and an electric kettle.

Remember to put glasses and cups with teaspoons and anything else in a visible part of the room.

Space for Packing Away

Living out of a suitcase is no fun, so it helps to provide your guests with ample space to store away their clothes, shoes, and other essentials.

A well-designed closet will also add a touch of class to your room. Consider the following features for your guest room custom wardrobe:

  • sliding door wardrobe will save space
  • A glass (mirror) finish on the outer walls to make the room look brighter. The mirrors will also come in handy when your guests are dressing up.
  • Hooks on the inner of the door for hats and coats
  • A hanger compartment
  • Space for their luggage case

Even if the room is exclusively for guests, think about getting a bigger wardrobe to use as a storage space the rest of the time.

Final thoughts

Use these tips to make your guest room a visitor’s dream. Remember to get your built-in wardrobes designed by experts to ensure quality and functionality. Contact Betta Wardrobes today to find out how we can help optimise your guest room and create a home away from home.

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