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Types of wardrobes for your bedroom

types of wardrobes for your bedroom

A wardrobe plays a critical role in organising your clothing essentials as well as protecting them from any damage. The wardrobe is one of the primary furniture pieces in a bedroom, next to bed. Some prefer walk-in wardrobes, while others prefer the something simpler. Everyone has their own idea of having the perfect wardrobe and luckily, at Betta Wardrobes, there are plenty of options available to satisfy all your needs for storage, organising, and aesthetics. With our extensive business experience, we are confident of the quality of the product we supply and the work we undertake. If you are thinking of building a wardrobe and not sure about what type to go with, here are some options of wardrobes Sydney you can consider.

1. Sliding Wardrobes

Sliding Wardrobes are a modern take on the traditional hinge-door wardrobe styles. A sliding wardrobes is a superb choice with a modern-day look. According to the available space and width, a sliding door wardrobe can be designed with two to four doors. If you want to make the most out of your bedroom space, this is the best choice. Unlike other wardrobes, it occupies less space, allowing for more free space in the room. They can be composed with a wide variety of material and in different kinds of sliding systems, creating endless possibilities.

2. Hinged Wardrobes

Hinged wardrobes are the most popular wardrobe style. The standard wardrobe solution, it boasts a simple design and opens with a hinged door. Available in both handle and handle-less designs, hinged wardrobes are the most versatile and easily lockable. However, hinged wardrobes are only recommended if you have enough space in your bedroom as the doors need adequate space to open out in front so that you can access your items. With a whole host of colours in different shades and textures, you can easily find an ideal choice to go with the interior dΓ©cor of your bedroom.

3. Mirror Wardrobes

If you want to add extra dimensions to your bedroom, you can never go wrong with mirror wardrobes. Mirrored doors are a great consideration that improves the visual appeal and can elevate an ordinary room into a dream bedroom. It helps brighten a room by reflecting natural light, creating an illusion of space, making them great for small spaced rooms.

Custom wardrobes are the ultimate luxury when it comes to storing clothes and other essentials. They come with adjustable shelving, contemporary styles, and different finishing touches among many other. Contact Betta Wardrobes today for a better wardrobe!

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