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The Benefits of an Open Closet

An open closet is one of the desired custom wardrobes for anyone. There are endless benefits to the added space (and value) that an open closet provides. You have all your belongings right there, in sight and you can even add a dressing mirror, throw in some vanity lights and have yourself a stylish personalised room.

Here you will see some benefits of an open closet and how you can’t go wrong.


Aesthetically Pleasing

The best feature of an open closet is its aesthetics. There are so many ways you can style your belongings to bring your room to life with an open closet, and no matter which way you go it will be unique. Made just for you.

You won’t need any other embellishments with an open closet because your statement pieces worth flaunting would be right there in front of you all the time.

You can mentally plan your look for the next day lying down on your bed without having to go through hung outfits clamped together.


The Minimalist Approach

When you have all your outfits in sight, it makes you aware of how many pieces you own and how many pair of shoes you have. It puts an end to the mindless buying dilemma.

Many people believe that an open closet will increase your chances of buying too many clothes, but that has been proven wrong by people who own open closets.


Neat and Tidy

With an open closet, it also forces you to hang your clothes instead of throwing it on the floor or inside the closets and deeply regretting it the next morning. Seeing your garments hung neatly can be aesthetically pleasing which can also make a massive difference to your sleep.


The Added Value

An open closet can add value to your home if you have or ever think about selling. It adds a modern appeal to the room, offering you more space and can be potentially turned into a study room or a guest bedroom. Leaving the next residents of your house with so many options, in which they can play around with ideas on what to do with the added space.

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