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Bring Luxury to Your Bedroom with Your Dream Wardrobe

Designing a wardrobe in your bedroom is as complicated as creating space in the kitchen. You have to be functional and tasteful at the same time. Modern men and women realise the importance of space-saving and time-management when it comes to organising clothes and personal belongings.

No one wants to stay swamped in cupboards trying to figure out what to wear and then spending half an hour finding that item.

Here we will discuss some wardrobe options that you can install in your new home.

Fitted/Built-in Wardrobes

Fitted or build in wardrobes are made along the walls or made between two walls. These are designed as a part of the bedroom area and cannot be taken out like a free-standing cupboard. They’re great at saving space and are almost a necessity for modern style homes.

There is so much area to utilise because the wardrobes stand tall till the ceiling, and can be used to organise all kinds of personal stuff.

Custom Wardrobes

The trend-setting custom wardrobes are dreamy and a statement area in itself. You can have a walk-in closet or an open closet inside your own bedroom. This will put all your pretty belongings in sight, and you will never lose your stuff in a pile of clothes again!

Many may add love seats, tall mirrors, vanity lights, and a customised show stand in their walk-in closets. Moreover, you can have a separate space for your jewellery, and small accessories like handbags, belts, and buckles. You can decorate your floor with a bold animal print carpet and curtains.

We suggest keeping the interior (inside walls) of wardrobes neutral and light, as it will make all your hung outfits appear clear in contrast and aesthetically pleasing.

Sliding Wardrobes

For small bedrooms where you need to save space, sliding wardrobes are an absolute lifesaver. You have a sleek design in a place where you can decorate your bedroom without having to worry about leaving space for cabinet doors to open.

Hinged Wardrobes

Hinged wardrobes have a certain vintage feel to them, and they look amazing for king-sized bedrooms. You can flaunt your solid wood doors with hinged wardrobes. It is perfect for people who hate the limiting visuals and physical grasp of sliding doors. With hinged doors, you can have the whole cupboard at hand!

We would suggest you give those walk-in custom wardrobes a try. If you have a small space, sliding door wardrobes would make life easier. Remember to experiment with your wardrobe and don’t shy away from designing it in a way that you feel comfortable.

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