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Custom-Built Fitted Wardrobes: Style, Shape, Size, What is Possible?

Custom Wardrobes

For a clothes storage a solution which fits in seamlessly with your existing bedroom design and fitted wardrobes offer incredible flexibility.  Custom wardrobes Sydney homes provide a touch of class, convenience and charm.  But what exactly are your options for custom-built wardrobe systems, and what are some of the main things you should be keeping in mind?

Design and Style

While custom fits can allow you to add a little of your character and aesthetics, they must fit the basic dimensions of a room. However, this can mean that you receive a subtle, gentle look. These wardrobe systems are perfect for bedroom designs which are neither too demanding nor too outlandish.

You should certainly consider having a wardrobe fitted if you want your clothes storage to blend in, more than stand out. In fact, a fitted system is more likely to age better than those which are freestanding.  Feel free to add your own flair and tastes to a custom-built wardrobe but do bear in mind your limitations.

Fitted Wardrobes Shapes and Sizes

A fitted system can be almost any shape you need it to be. As mentioned, you are limited in terms of room dimension; however, that doesn’t mean you can’t get a little creative.  You could install a wide, sliding-door wardrobe which takes up the whole of your back wall.  Alternatively, you could opt for a tall, thin closet or wardrobe which reaches up to the ceiling.

To keep the look of your wardrobe contemporary, consider opting for a timeless shape and style.  Modern closets are effortlessly luxurious and can be big enough to walk in. If this doesn’t appeal to you, yet you need the space, consider opting for a fitted model which sits neatly in the centre of your wall.

Why Consider a Built-in Wardrobe?

This type of wardrobe presents many different possibilities.  Not only can you be flexible with bespoke, contemporary looks, but you can also take advantage of added floor space.  Even the largest and most imposing of systems will open up more of your room.  Freestanding wardrobes can jut out and take up unnecessary floor which cries out for better use.

Built-in wardrobes of this nature are very popular.  That is because they present a luxury standard you simply can’t buy out of a catalogue. A custom-fitted solution will offer you a unique look that’s as timeless as you need it to be.

Finally, consider the value that having a wardrobe fitted can add to your property. A bespoke solution removes the need for having to wrestle with flat-pack kits and self-assembly. This will be of huge benefit to you and anyone you may sell your home to in future.

Fitting Custom Wardrobes in Sydney

Why not consider approaching a bedroom design expert for more advice on fitted wardrobes?  There is a reason why these models are still so popular in the modern age. It is time to take full advantage and let your creative side shine.

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