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Which Wardrobe Door is Best for Your Space?

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A well-thought-out wardrobe design is aesthetically pleasing and fully functional. It keeps everything visible and within reach. 

Since a wardrobe is a long-term purchase, many considerations are important when buying. Besides material and colour, the wardrobe door design is a critical aspect. A good wardrobe door is easy to use and complements the available space.  

But that shouldn’t worry you if you buy a home with built-in wardrobes. You can always customise them if you don’t like the existing design. A custom wardrobe may increase the home value should you decide to sell it later.

Let’s look at the available types of wardrobe doors, their advantages and disadvantages, and how to choose the best wardrobe door for your space.  

Hinged Wardrobe Door

Hinged wardrobe doors are the most popular designs found in many households. These types of doors use hinges that connect the shutter to the closet, thus they are referred to as “hinged doors.” 


  • Full visibility: Improved visibility is the primary differentiating factor of hinged doors from other designs. The door swings wide open, giving you a complete wardrobe view. You can quickly choose what to wear when in a hurry. 
  • Extra storage space: You can install pockets, hooks, or racks on the inner surface of the shutter to store small items like ties, clips, and belts. You can also hang a full-length mirror at the back space of the shutter. 
  • Easy maintenance: Hinges are cheap, readily available, and easy to replace in case of damage. You may not need to pay a handyperson if you have the right tools. 
  • More variety: Hinged wardrobe doors are available in many colours, materials, and designs. You can customise them into folding doors if you have an expansive closet.


  • Takes up space: Hinged wardrobe doors need more space for the shutter to swing open. This can obstruct traffic if you live in a small room.
  • Shutters can’t support heavy objects: Many prefer swinging shutters for extra storage space. Unfortunately, placing an excess load on both sides of the shutter can easily cause a breakdown. The shutters may not support a heavy mirror on the outside and other items on the inner surface.  

Sliding Wardrobe Door

Sliding wardrobes borrow their name from the movable doors gliding horizontally on the top and bottom tracks. Below are the pros and cons of having a sliding-door wardrobe in your room.


  • Saves space: Sliding wardrobe doors are perfect for small spaces, thanks to compact doors that don’t require any space at the front. They slide side to side to open. 
  • Stylish: Sliding doors are sleek and modern compared to their hinged counterparts. Many luxury homes use sliding wardrobes to make a statement. They work best with three or more doors. Mirror wardrobes also prefer a sliding design over a hinged door design. 
  • More expansive: Many sliding wardrobe doors tend to be wider than standard wardrobe doors. Using mirror sliding will also make your room look larger than the actual size. 
  • Stability: Sliding door wardrobes are compact, making them more stable than hinged doors with swinging shutters. They’ll remain firmly grounded on the floor even when packed.


  • Restricted visibility: Most sliding wardrobe doors open to one side at a time. This limits the view of the closet in its entirety. You’ll always cover one side to get an item from the other. 
  • Delicate: Regardless of the material used, sliding wardrobe doors require gentle handling when opening or closing. Rough usage can damage the alignment, making the shutter slide off the track. 
  • High maintenance cost: Sliding wardrobe doors require good artistry to guarantee durability. Besides, the materials used must be rust-free to facilitate smooth movement of the sliding shutters. 

Hinged and sliding doors are the two main types of wardrobe doors available on the market. They can use wood, glass, or metals in their shutters. 

We offer a vast collection of built-in wardrobes and fitted wardrobes with all popular wardrobe door designs. However, you can always ask for a customised design based on your needs. 

Things to Consider When Choosing a Wardrobe Door

Here are important considerations when shopping for an ideal wardrobe door design.


Depending on the available space, buy a wardrobe that leaves enough walkways within the room when operating. For small areas, sliding-door wardrobes are the best. They are compact and can fit in most small spaces. Consider one with a mirror shutter to create an expansive illusion in the room.

Go for a hinged door if you have a large room and need extra storage space. The shutter opens wide into the room, which should be okay with you if you have enough space. 


Whether you’re buying a sliding or a hinged door, the material used in construction plays an important role. Choose a rust-free material for sliding doors that’ll not hinder smooth gliding during operation. 

On the other hand, use a strong shutter material on a hinged door, especially if you plan to add extra storage spaces or hang a mirror. You can choose from metal, wood, or glass.

Style and Colour

Style and colour are personal preferences. Choose what communicates your unique style. Hinged doors are more traditional and are found in many old homes. Sliding doors are fashionable and express class. Also, pick the right wardrobe colour that complements the room decor. 


Hinged and sliding wardrobe doors are both great, but each has unique pros and cons. As a result, one would be a better choice over the other, depending on the available space. 

And while a hinged door wardrobe may only be suitable for an expansive room, sliding door designs are more versatile and fit well in most spaces. 

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