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10 Tips For Determining How Big My Custom Wardrobes Should Be

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Storage space, especially in the bedroom, is vital for every homeowner, and built-in wardrobes provide the perfect solution. Depending on the available space and design preference, you can choose either hinged, mirror or sliding door wardrobes. 

All the available styles will provide the space you require to arrange your clothes properly while adding elegance to the room. However, deciding on the ideal wardrobe size may be challenging. 

Below are tips to help you determine how big your custom wardrobe should be.

10 Tips For Determining How Big My Custom Wardrobes Should Be

Avoid wasting space by following the tips below to determine the size of your practical and modern wardrobe.

1. Type of in-built wardrobe

Hinged wardrobes require space to open the doors and access clothing, making them ideal for large areas. To save space, one can also install a mirror on the doors. Ensure the furniture in the room does not hinder the wardrobe doors’ opening and closing for easy accessibility.

Sliding door wardrobes, conversely, can make a small room appear larger. Since they come in various colours, with or without mirrors, they are a popular contemporary addition. 

A walk-in custom wardrobe is another option if you have a large bedroom. With this, your storage layout options are unlimited as long as they suit your needs.

2. Make use of every available space

Ask the wardrobe designer and installer to measure the space from floor to ceiling. In this case, even a small room can have a sizeable wall-to-wall custom wardrobe. The top hard-to-reach areas near the ceiling make perfect storage space for seasonal clothes you only require occasionally.

3. Prioritise space for long clothes

If you have more dresses or long clothes that require hanging, the priority should be open hanging space. You need more vertical space. Therefore, ensure most of the wardrobe can accommodate double hang rails. On average, a woman’s wardrobe should have about 55 centimetres of hanging space.

4. Include useful details

To get the most out of your bedroom space, consider minimalist designs that are equally practical. For instance, custom wardrobe designs can hide a full-length mirror to slide out of one end of the wardrobe. It is not only a unique design, but it saves space for more clothing storage.

5. Design around your needs

The amount and type of clothes you have will also determine the size of your custom wardrobe. The designer will consider how many clothes you will hang on rails, fold away on shelves or store in baskets beneath or above the wardrobe.

6. Consider if the space is shared

For couples that share wardrobe space, dividers help prevent mixing clothes. Therefore, a large custom wardrobe is necessary to maximise the shared space. Since women tend to occupy more space, especially hanging clothes, the design and size should accommodate everyone’s needs.

7. Install island pieces for large spaces

For those with unlimited space in the bedroom, installing an island in the middle of the custom wardrobe provides storage for accessories. This is a luxury for those with walk-in wardrobes.

8. Consider shoe storage

When building a custom wardrobe, consider the space required to store away an average of 30 pairs of shoes. Since shoes need a flat surface, the wardrobe must be ample for the best functionality.

9. Consider future storage needs

Although most homeowners only consider the current amount of clothes they have when installing custom wardrobes, future storage is essential. Since a good quality wardrobe will last many years, choose a size that will be practical later as your needs change.

10. Make room for seasonal clothing

Seasonal clothing takes up much room in most wardrobes. As a result, when building custom wardrobes, consider the need to store away shoes and clothing you wear occasionally. Install top or bottom shelves to remove baskets with items you require later.

Additional tips for determining the size of your custom wardrobe

  • Consider folding and stacking sweaters, T-shirts, and pants on shelves. 
  • If you have the space, add a seating area within your custom wardrobe to rest while putting on shoes or socks.
  • Install secondary wardrobes in other unoccupied bedrooms if space is a challenge.
  • Have the installer keep the shelves movable to create more space, as fixed shelving limits accessibility.
  • Only install drawers if you have room, as they occupy important wardrobe space.
  • For easy access, ensure your hanging rails are within reach, depending on your height.
  • Take time when designing your custom wardrobes. Have the installer draw up the designs to have an idea of the final product.

Ideal custom wardrobes measurements

Although there are no actual measurements for a custom wardrobe design, there are standard sizes one can use for functionality.

If most of your clothes are foldable, you may require an average depth of 45cm. However, the ideal hanging space for most wardrobes, especially for long dresses and suits, is above 60cm deep.

Also, everyday wardrobes are approximately 2.4 to 2.7 metres tall. However, custom wardrobes can be as tall as the entire length of your wall, floor to ceiling. If you install short wardrobes, you may have a design that doesn’t suit the room and reduce storage space.

For the best finish, check the quality of materials to ensure the doors are thick enough to prevent warping. Your choice of custom finishing should be cost-effective and require minimal maintenance while lasting long. 


Besides budget, the size of custom wardrobes you can install in your home highly depends on the available space. However, professional installers have the know-how and experience to find the perfect fit for any room.

Contact Betta Wardrobes today if you are in the market for custom wardrobes in Sydney. Our expert installation team will offer insight into your space’s contemporary yet functional wardrobe options.

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