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Which Clothes Hanger Should I Use? Everything You Need to Consider

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We rarely give much thought when shopping for clothes hangers. If a hanger looks good and is well priced, we’ll add it to the shopping cart. However, people in the apparel business know that clothes hangers come in different types to serve particular purposes.

Clothes hangers allow us to organise our clothes properly. Since purchasing readily available plastic packs at the local store is convenient, picking the cheapest pair is common. Some clothing stores will even allow you to take home the wire hanger you found on the display rack.

So, you may wonder why the kind of clothes hanger you buy still matters. Below is a detailed explanation of the different types of clothes hangers and which one you should use.

Types of Clothes Hangers

Choosing the correct hanger for your garments means they will correctly fit in the wardrobe and last a long time. Poor quality hangers get damaged quickly and distort the shape of delicate fabric garments.

The wrong size can also take up a lot of space in your built-in wardrobes. For example, the typical length of adult clothes hangers is about 43cm. However, 48 cm-long hangers are available to fit extra-large coats and jackets.

Let’s explore the various clothes hangers that will protect your clothes and fit into any custom wardrobe in Sydney.

1. Plastic Hangers

Plastic hangers are perfect for hanging kids’ clothes as they come in various attractive colours. They also vary in size and design, are easy to come by, and are affordable. However, they do not last long as they break easily under weight and can stretch out soft fabrics.

Since kids quickly grow out of their garments, using plastic hangers to store their clothes is acceptable. In addition, they will not hang long, reducing the risk of damage from long-term use. Only use plastic hangers with grooves for light garments, especially blouses, shirts, and simple dresses for adult clothes.

2. Wire Hangers

Wire hangers are ideal for short-term use and disposal. For instance, whenever you take clothes home from the dry cleaners, you should remove the wire hangers. Although they are excellent for light clothing, they bend easily under the weight of heavy garments.

Additionally, wire is prone to rust, and these hangers may turn brown and stain your light-coloured garments. However, if you still like the look, buy high-quality metal hangers that last longer. These well-finished brands look good and are great for hanging coats and heavy clothes.

3. Wooden Hangers

Wooden hangers are strong, luxurious, and stand out in your wardrobe. Similar to plastic hangers, they come in varying designs, shapes, and sizes. Their thick size makes them the best for hanging suits, heavy jackets, and evening or formal clothes.

The delicate, curvy design prevents clothes from getting misshaped while holding them up well for longer. Use wooden hangers with grooves to hang soft or strappy shirts and blouses. Try to get wooden hangers with clips to hold them firmly for trousers and skirts.

Although wooden hangers are best for most fabric types and weights of clothes, be keen to purchase the best quality. Investing in sturdy material means your clothes will be well protected. Store your seasonal garments like winter coats using premium wood hangers. The wood they use to make them does not absorb odours and puts off insects.

4. Clip Hangers

Clip hangers are suitable for reducing wrinkles in pants and skirts as they hold them up. They can be plastic or wood, so use them depending on the weight of the fabric. Their small size also allows them to take up minimum closet space. A particularly excellent choice if you have minimal space in your wardrobe.

Clip hangers either have two small clips on both ends or one long bar that is the clip. The ones with two clips hold heavy fabrics, such as trousers, sweaters, and skirts. On the other hand, the long clip ones can only handle light fabric clothes like scarves and summer accessories.

5. Velvet Hangers

These hangers have a layer of velvet on the surface and are superb for delicate materials like silk. The smooth fabric will hold up well without slipping while maintaining its shape. Using velvet hangers will keep your clothes crease-free, minimising the need to always iron them. However, do not hang wet clothing, especially bright colours, as the hanger may stain them.

6. Padded Hangers

Padded hangers have a unique and sophisticated look and feel. You will find them in high-end boutiques as they are perfect for delicate fabrics like chiffon and silk. In addition, they will not damage your clothes as they slide off smoothly. The downside to padded hangers is that they do not work for heavy garments. Additionally, they take up a lot of wardrobe space due to their large size.

7. Tiered Hangers

Tiered hangers have multiple slots to hang several pieces of clothing at once. They are either plastic, metal, or wood and are perfect for small wardrobes. Consider them if you have school-going kids. You can have all the clothing items they need on one hanger for easy removal and storage.

8. Kids Expandable Hangers

These clothing hangers are perfect for kids’ clothes as they can lengthen to accommodate larger clothes sizes. This means you won’t have to spend more purchasing new hangers whenever your child grows and moves a size up. Additionally, they have extra slots to hang accessories and matching clothing sets. Avoid using adult-size clothes hangers to store kids’ clothes as they can often stretch them out.


There are plenty of storage options for your wardrobe and many hanger types to choose from. Your garments will maintain their shape and quality if you use the correct type of clothes hangers. Furthermore, excellent quality clothes hangers will prolong the life of your clothes and keep your wardrobe well organised. If you are looking for built-in wardrobe installers in Wollongong, contact Betta Wardrobes today for a quote.

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