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How to Best Utilise your Guest Room’s Built-in Wardrobe for Storage

Wardrobe for storage

A guest room, while being a beautiful sanctuary for visitors, is usually also a multipurpose space for storage, a study, home gym or living room. While it’s important for guests to have room to unpack and settle in, optimising the room’s storage will help keep your home organised in the day to day too. Follow these tips to best utilise your guest room’s wardrobe for storage. 

1. Which type of wardrobe?

The first step is to decide which wardrobe best suits the space; the type of wardrobe that you select for your guest room will depend on the size and layout of the room. Built-in wardrobes are almost always preferred as they add value to your property. Custom wardrobes also allow for full optimisation of the space and add a personal touch. Sliding wardrobes accommodate smaller rooms, while mirrored wardrobe doors help bounce light and make a room feel bigger. Hinged wardrobes can feel luxurious and expansive if space allows. 

Within the wardrobe, consider its versatility. Many wardrobes come with adjustable shelving, for instance, so that you can easily accommodate boxes, files, luggage and other items of various heights. 

2. Create zones

Your guest room wardrobe should serve two user groups – your guests and your family.

Creating zones within the wardrobe will help keep organised and accommodate all your storage needs, so divide it into two sections, one for guests and the other for daily use. 

Guests will need:

  • Hanging space for any jackets, dresses and suits 
  • Access to spare linen and blankets
  • Shelving or drawer space for folded items. 

The guest zone doesn’t have to remain empty all year round. Instead, enjoy the extra storage space while it’s available, but organise your personal items so that they can be easily relocated when visitors are staying. 

3. Group like-items 

The second zone is where you’ll be putting all that storage space to work. Store items such as formal wear and out of season clothes and shoes, sporting and travel/holiday gear, sentimental photos and keepsakes, office paperwork and documents, seasonal decorations and gift wrapping.

Within this zone, keep like-items grouped together. Use labels and reduce visual clutter by concealing personal items within storage boxes, containers or tubs. Wicker and canvas baskets are aesthetically appealing, while plastic tubs are air-tight, waterproof, easy to label and stackable.

If you have the luxury of adjustable shelving or hanging racks, use them to your advantage to help optimise storage space. There shouldn’t be too much “air space” above items, so adjust shelving accordingly.

Store the most used items at eye level, occasional items at floor level and rarely used items on the top shelves. Within each shelf, consider stacking items vertically (like books on a bookshelf). This allows for access with little disruption to other items, making it much easier than horizontal stacks.

4. Be the host with the most

Small details can make a huge difference to a guest room. To help guests feel welcome and relaxed, consider:

  • Using matching hangers
  • Removing any items that you may need to access during their stay
  • A scented candle or essential oil burner
  • Bedside lighting
  • Removing personal items and family photos; and
  • A welcome chocolate on the pillow.

With these tips, you’ll have a multifunctional guest room that accommodates all your storage needs, while creating a room that is welcoming, calm and organised for your guests to enjoy. Contact Betta Wardrobes today to help find the personal wardrobe solution for your guest room. 

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