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5 Considerations For Building A Beautiful Custom Entertainment Cabinet

Entertainment cabinet

Getting the right setup for your entertainment system can make the difference between quality entertainment and pure frustration. When you are creating the perfect media cabinet, consider the following pointers.

Accommodative shelves

Entertainment system components come in several different shapes, styles, and sizes. Therefore, your entertainment cabinet needs to accommodate any system – that’s where adjustable shelves come in. The shelves should be positioned to fit many different types of systems. 

Consider using shelves that can be adjusted in small increments, for example, 3cm increases per step. Use threaded inserts that enable you to readjust the position of the shelves as necessary.

IR compatible glass

It is highly frustrating to walk to your cabinet and open the doors every time you control the entertainment system. Many remote controls use infrared signals and, since your devices should respond to the remote control signal without opening the doors, you need a cabinet with IR-friendly glass. 

Regardless of whether you use transparent or tinted glass, ensure that the glass is compatible with IR sensors so you can use your cabinet with ease.

Easy cable management

Tangled cables and crisscrossing connections are often unsightly and can disrupt your entertainment. So it’s important to make sure your entertainment cabinet can cater for cables without creating tangles. 

Some essential features include:

  • Removable panels at the back to allow ease of access to the components. This helps to avoid tangling cables while attempting to connect blindly. 
  • Add channels to provide routes for cables to pass through so they remain straight. 
  • Velcro closures or insulation pockets to tie cables together to secure them and avoid tangling. 

You may also want to consider tinted glass and a dark finish to neatly conceal cables to increase the aesthetic appeal of the cabinet in your home. 

Secure glass

Glass doors and shelves increase the overall appeal and sophistication of your cabinet. However, ordinary glass has a higher chance of breakage, sacrificing safety for appearance. Consider using tempered glass instead, just like the material on mirror wardrobes

Tempered glass, also known as toughened glass, is made through thermal and chemical treatment on regular glass to increase its shatter resistance. It typically has 4 to 5 times more strength compared to ordinary glass. 

The glass tempering leads to tension across the interior and compression on the outer surface, adding necessary strength. As a result, when it does break, the glass will shatter into small grain-like pieces instead of the shards that regular glass would produce, which also prevents your heavy objects from falling out of the cabinets and getting damaged. 

Easy to move

Moving your entertainment cabinet should not be a hassle, so consider getting a cabinet with wheels. This will make moving it a breeze, plus it will protect your floors. However, ensure that you place levers to allow the cabinet to rest on the floor and secure it in place, avoiding any unwanted rolling. 

To wrap up, the best entertainment cabinets combine aesthetics, functionality, and safety. Speak to the team at Betta Wardrobes today to discuss custom-built entertainment units, built-in wardrobes and more.

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