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Remove The Stress with These 4 Back To School Organisational Hacks

Back to school organisational hecks


Back to school time piles the pressure on your already busy schedule. Add to that the early morning rush, and it’s enough to drive anyone up the wall —but it doesn’t have to be this way. To give you a better handle on the situation, we’ve compiled some valuable hacks. Let’s get started.

Adjust your morning routine beforehand

Getting children up and ready on time can be such a hassle. Give yourself a head start by changing your morning routines well ahead of time. Wake the kids up earlier, starting from about a week before the school term resumes. That way, their bodies will adjust to the new wake-up time, and it won’t be so hard for them to be up bright and early.

Plan your meals and lunch packs

Draw up a meal plan and schedule breakfast and packed lunches for the entire week. Once you get your meals organised, it’ll be easier to prep some of the ingredients daily or weekly and simply toss everything together. You can also encourage your kids to pack their lunch, saving you precious minutes in the morning.

Schedule all activities

Keeping up with all your kids’ after-school activities can be hectic. Take the stress out and schedule everything, and consider setting up a family organisation centre.

Use a board to keep track of everyone’s schedules. Have your kids revisit the board at the beginning of every week, which will help you plan your trips ahead of time. You can also use the organisation centre for your grocery list and school accessories to ensure you keep up with your supplies.

Get your spaces organised

If you have to dig through many items to find what you need every day, it’s harder to stay on track. So, make sure all your spaces are neatly organised. Here are some additional tips for getting organised.

Desks and workspaces

Look for organisers and caddies to pack all your children’s essentials to make their homework time more manageable and seamless. The quicker they do their homework, the earlier they get to bed, so you won’t have to struggle the following day.

It also helps to ensure you have all the appropriate furniture with enough drawers and spaces to make work easier.

Wardrobe for clothes and school bags

Avoid early morning stress by setting out your kids’ clothes, uniforms, and school accessories for the week ahead. Use a closet organiser with divisions for each day of the week. You can also similarly organise shoes with specialised built in wardrobe shelves to cut down on time-wasting in the morning.

Consider having the closet organiser installed into your kids’ sliding wardrobes. Another way to improve organisation is to add mirrors to your built-in wardrobes to prevent the back and forth between the bedroom and the bathroom mirror.

Overall, to eliminate stress in the mornings, plan and schedule your week ahead of time. Organise your spaces to reduce clutter and contact the Betta Wardrobes team to come up with a practical solution for your needs.

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