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Elevate Your Home Office In 2022 With These 7 Tips

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Whether you’re temporarily working remotely or you’re a full-time work-at-home professional, your work setup must be functional and practical. Here are some tips for the perfect office space.

Choose Comfort

Find a chair that’s a perfect fit for your body, so you don’t strain your back. Additionally, consider the size of the desk in proportion to the chair to enable you to work comfortably without stretching yourself.

When shopping for a chair, consider the arc on the seat. A good chair should support you and limit any strain or discomfort. It should also be adjustable on some parts, such as the armrests and back tilt. This will help you can change positions with ease.

In addition, choose a material that’s breathable. Such material will work perfectly for both the summer and winter seasons, while a non-breathable material will make you sweat when it’s hot. Also, consider buying cushions and neck rests to increase your comfort.

Ensurea functional computer system

Your connection and computer speed help make your workflow more manageable. Therefore,  ensure you get the best package on your broadband and upgrade your computer.

In addition, invest in a power backup system in case of problems with your electrics or power outages.

Backing up your data is also critical to ensure you don’t lose your work, especially sensitive material and passwords.

Get enough software

Consider purchasing a range of  software tools such as;

  • Scheduling software 
  • Communication tools
  • Cloud storage
  • Virtual office backgrounds

All these options will improve the way you work and enhance your efficiencies.

Don’t just focus on technology

As great as technological tools are, it’s still important to have those notes and little reminders. Get a dry-erase writing board or the traditional sticker notes so you can jot down important points as they come to you. Have somewhere in your office where you can stick those little reminders to help you stay on top of your work.

Add exercise equipment

Sitting for extended periods can harm your health. Thus, consider adding some equipment for exercise in your office. For instance, you can put elliptical equipment under your desk to move your legs while you work, or you can take breaks and sit on an exercise ball for a while. You may even consider non-traditional options like a standing desk.

Have enough light

A dark and dreary office will do nothing for your creativity or energy levels, so make sure you have sufficient light in your room. Try to position your workspace close to a natural light source like a window or a glass door. To improve the brightness of the room, play around with artificial lighting.

Purchase smart storage solutions

Clutter gets in the way of productivity, so ensure your space is neat and organised. Consider using built-in storage closets to pack all your office accessories.

The best part about adding a built in wardrobe to your home office space is the opportunity to convert the room to an extra bedroom – should you ever return to the commuting office life.

Get in touch with the Betta Wardrobe team today to discuss your fitted wardrobe storage options and optimise your WFH arrangements.

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