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Design a Coastal-Inspired Interior With These 8 Considerations

interior deisgn with coastal vibes

A coastal environment often evokes feelings of peace, enjoyment, and relaxation. If you’re looking to spruce up your home for an all-year-round nautical experience, here are a few tips.

Seashells, corals, and accessories focal points

Incorporate seashells, corals, and any other seaside elements into your room for an authentic sea feel. Putting them all together can help bring out the coastal theme; think about everything that piques your interest when you go to the shore. You may also want to add other bits of treasures from your snorkelling or beachside excursions.

You can use a side table or console to display your decorations and tie it all together with palm leaves, driftwood ornaments, or woven baskets and textiles. The key is to make your display as natural-looking as possible and also maximise wall space.

All-white background

The calming effect of all white paint helps to bring your seaside-inspired look together. So paint the walls and cupboards white. Keep your main furniture items neutral to avoid overshadowing your white atmosphere.

You can also play around with mirror displays to make the room look brighter and well-lit. Think wall mirrors, mirrored side tables or mirror wardrobes.

Artwork and Paintings

Whether you’re going for a traditional nautical theme or modern contemporary style, consider large beachside-themed paintings. Larger-than-life artwork will give the feeling of the vast expanse of the seaside.

Choose sea-related themes like anchors, lighthouses, sea creatures, or palm trees. Consider setting aside one side of the wall for a stand-out gallery display. You can also showcase your art on the doors of custom wardrobes.

Creative pillows

Add some accent pillows with large bold designs and prints such as batik or geometric pieces to infuse some excitement into your room. Use different hues of blue and green to evoke memories of the seaside.

If you prefer brighter tones, you can liven up your room with orange or yellow, representing the sun. You may also go for green or brown like the grass or sand.

Striped rugs and carpets

Big, bold stripes add an extra touch of seaside look. A rug or carpet with bold blue and white stripes gives a classic nautical aesthetic. Lines will also provide an elongated look that creates a feeling of expansion. Remember to keep your colours within the seaside theme.

Rustic themed wood fixtures

The raw finish of wood adds a natural ambience that will give your room character. Add a few pieces of wooden furniture to create an easy-going cottage look.

Remember to space your furnishings to keep your room clutter-free. This gives it that feeling of spaciousness one gets on the coast. You may also think about using one or two distressed wood pieces to highlight the naturalistic beach house earthy feel.

Light-coloured curtains

The coastal theme emphasises brightness. So use sheers on your windows, not heavy curtains. The more well-lit and airy a room is, the more your naturals will blend in to accentuate your coastal look.

Fresh flowers

Fresh flowers can add just the right touch of colour and natural appeal that will make your theme pop. Choose a seaside-themed glass vase with a few seashells and pebbles inside to complete the look.

All in all, coastal is all about natural, light, and airy. Remember to stick to coastal colours and play around with a few displays until you get it right. Contact Betta Wardrobes to find the perfect custom wardrobe to suit your beachside styling.

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