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Bathroom Ideas: Custom Vanities And Storage Solutions For A Relaxing And Inviting Space

Bathroom Ideas

The development of solutions for bathroom organisation can take various forms, including rearranging items or building storage from the ground up. Whichever way, it calls for creativity and innovativeness. A mirror wardrobe design is a versatile option for vanities and customised storage, and installing one can turn a bathroom into a cosy yet elegant space.

Customise Vanities and Storage with a Mirror Wardrobe Design

Custom vanities are made-to-measure furniture items for bathrooms, are divided into sections and embellished according to needs, design and taste. Suppliers sometimes sell them in sections that a carpenter assembles on-site. 

Consider the following tips on how to create bespoke storage space to enhance your bathroom’s ambience.

Utilise wall space

Mirror wardrobe styles look best when installed from floor to ceiling, with the full-length mirror installation creating the illusion of space.

When working with a limited area, it makes a small bathroom look bigger. Full-length cabinets also offer more storage space. 

The full-length closets reduce clutter and improve convenience in the bathroom. There will be more room for storing towels, toiletries and cosmetics. Their hooks provide more space to hang items such as towels, robes and baskets, making the bathroom look organised.

A cramped space detracts from the ambience of a room. Mirrors create an airy and spacious feeling that turns the bathroom into an inviting area. The mirrors also give a full-length view when freshening up, saving you the cost of installing more mirrors in the bathroom.

Enhance design with lighting

More light in a bathroom gives it a stylishly chic accent, especially if you try out the strategic placement of custom mirror wardrobes next to lighting fixtures. It transforms an ordinary bathroom by creating a relaxing ambience. Vanity lighting and wall scones are another option as they make the bathroom more functional beyond creating a refreshing atmosphere.

Good lighting makes grooming easier and helps you find items faster, especially when in a hurry. The choice of lighting appliances also enhances the appearance of the bathroom, as there are many interesting lighting fixture options on the market. They are as decorative as they are functional. 

These mirror wardrobe design trends show further in customised lighting. Such include a mirror or vanity lighting, ceiling lighting and wall scones. Modern smart trends offer LED lights with sensors. They are placed on mirrors, and vanities turn on and off with a wave of the hand.

Personalised bathrooms

The bespoke mirror wardrobe design meets the unique needs of the user. Some of the customisation hacks are intricate designs in detail, and it is what the owner deems beautiful in their beholding. Usually, bespoke mirror wardrobe styles are designed for an individual. 

That is the basis of creating a dream bathroom. Peruse online and physical galleries such as the Betta Wardrobes site. They will give some pointers on styling trends. Furthermore, different users of bathrooms have personal and favourite items, needs and habits, and the storage space reflects that.

Create a Display

Some mirrored storage spaces have glass doors that display the contents within. Such doors make it easy to find items, and it is possible to place some aesthetic masterpieces where space allows. You can turn such spaces into a display. 

Display a vase, flowers, uniquely shaped toiletry containers, and sculptures. Showcase your spa luxury collection on the shelf, such as essential oils, organic beauty treatments, and bathing salts. They give the bathroom a stylish, sophisticated air. You can explore using a range of colours and designs for mirror frames, as they all add flair to bespoke bathroom furnishings.

A statement vanity

Vanities in a mirror wardrobe design theme often comprise a sink, a mirror and a countertop. Creating a custom vanity unit involves using bespoke pieces and creative combinations of those parts. Designing a custom vanity for a bathroom gives allowance for innovativeness. This is an opportunity to try furniture in awkward shapes and customise them to fit the available space.

The choice of materials for the vanity is in an array of limitless possibilities. Consider traditional wood in natural rustic grain. Customise the vanity with shiny wood surfaces glossed by painting or varnish. Still, you can try quartz and marble tops or glass and wood vanity countertops.

The choices of sinks vary from contemporary, minimalist styles to traditional ones. Some designers blend various styles as these aspects of mirror wardrobe design trends are functional. Yet, they are statement hardware. Some follow an antique theme, not a dated faucet, but a picture of stylish charm. The idea is to invest in furnishings that conceal the plumbing. The tip with vanity countertops: less is more.

Enhance storage organisation

Effective mirror wardrobe designs focus on creating organised storage space in bathrooms. Shelves and drawers in wardrobes and vanities organise storage space, and everything has its place. Such a bathroom looks orderly and tidy. Towels are neatly folded and stacked, and well-arranged toiletries create an inviting space.

Cubbies organise items such as washcloths, deodorants, and shower gels. Adjusting their stacking allows them to stay at a height customised for the users. You can also use containers such as baskets, hampers, trays and bins as additional storage. 

Stacking lidded baskets as shelves organises space in the closet or the bathroom, and such are decorative too. They also offer tidy storage of accessories like cotton buds and facecloths. Look into unique shavers, toothbrush holders, and soap dishes.

Drawers in an ideal mirror wardrobe design also hide away stuff and conceal intimate items or those used occasionally. They provide appropriate storage for appliances like blow driers and shavers. A clear countertop, free of clutter and excess items, is a relaxing sight. Such is the atmosphere that turns a simple bathroom into an elegant me-time hideout.

Repurpose pieces for elegance

Import and repurpose some standalone pieces for the bathroom. Think of furniture pieces such as repurposed shelves for toiletries. Repaint old racks and bring them in for hanging towels. Add a bench to the cuteness in the shower so you can use it for sitting when relaxing and as additional storage for soap and shampoo bottles.

In the finishing, seek unique handles and knobs for the doors and drawers. Some sleek faux budget pieces look as good as the real thing. They make the furniture pop and add a touch of excitement to the space. Consider locks to secure items such as medication and some personal items.

Mirror Pleasure and Elegance with Custom Vanities 

As their name suggests, vanities are an indulgence, and custom vanities complete a mirror wardrobe design, bringing convenience and order. A mirror finish takes the sophistication a notch higher. Consider the special touch of an experienced and knowledgeable contractor. Such will give you ingenious tips when customising your bathroom into a spa dream. Betta Wardrobes & ShowerScreens offers that and more. Contact us today or visit our website for bespoke bathroom storage solutions.

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