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5 Storage Hacks that will Transform your Wardrobe

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There aren’t many things more satisfying than a tidy wardrobe. Neat rows of jackets, drawers logically filled and shoes all in their place. While it’s great while it lasts, the challenge is keeping it this way. Wardrobes have a way of getting out of control, with clothing items falling haphazardly from coat hangers and shoes scattered across the floor.

We have five storage hacks that will help you to address this problem, transforming your wardrobe into a neat and functional space. Whether you have a hinged wardrobe or a sliding one, you’ll want to give these hacks a try.

1. Hang coat hangers vertically.

Our first hack is perfect for those with limited space. If you have a narrow wardrobe, consider hanging some of your coat hangers vertically on a chain. This way you’ll still be able to see everything in your closet and items will be easy enough to access, but you’ll manage to fit a whole lot more than if you were to hang horizontally. It will also avoid the inevitable squished scenario when you try to fit too many coathangers on the one rack.

2. Sort drawer items so you can see them

While piles have been the traditional go-to storage method for drawers, this approach can be extremely inconvenient. We all know the frustration associated with flicking through items only to leave the drawer in a disorganised mess. This means all your foldings has been wasted, and your drawer items will be left crinkled and dishevelled. Instead, try storing clothing items vertically so that you can easily access them when you open the drawer. Clothing like T-shirts can be folded, and jumpers can be rolled, then stood upright so you can easily slide one out without disrupting the other items, Goodbye messy drawers! 

3. Hang entire outfits on one coat hanger

Hanging entire outfits on one coat hanger will save you space and make getting dressed in the morning super easy! If you are struggling to fit your outfit on one coathanger, we recommend using pegs to hang the pants. Then you can add a jacket or other accessories over the top.

4. Store shoes in a toe to heel arrangement

Shoes can be bulky and difficult to store, but placing them toe to heel on a shelf is an absolute game-changer for your wardrobe. Most of us tend to keep shoes in pairs, placing them next to each other in the same manner they are worn. The problem with this is that the widest part is usually the front of the shoe that accommodates the broadest part of our foot. Storing them side by side means both wide sections are together, requiring even more space for storage. By facing one shoe the opposite way, you are pairing up a narrow section with a wide section, which will save you a tonne of shelf space. 

5. Tie rubber bands on the ends of your coathangers

Clothing that is half falling off coathangers is a surefire way to make your wardrobe look messy. Fix this by tying rubber bands to both ends of your coathangers. It will create a surface for the clothes to grip to, ensuring your wardrobe remains neat and tidy.

These storage hacks will transform your wardrobe in no time! If you are looking for a custom wardrobe in Sydney, contact Betta Wardrobes for inspiration!

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